50% and Growing! Hyatt Regency Mexico City Reduces Maintenance Contracts Costs

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Smart buildings produce valuable information. It’s time to start using it.

If you follow technology trends at all, you know that digital transformation is sweeping across industries, from consumer sectors to heavy manufacturing.

The building industry is no exception. Today’s smart buildings produce a treasure trove of information that can be captured and used to help owners save money, reduce energy use, improve reliability, or increase occupant comfort. This is especially important in hospitals, hotels, smart offices, public buildings, and other structures where reliable power is essential.

Unfortunately, many building owners are not yet taking advantage of this capability. One reason is that until recently, they haven’t had access to the data analytics professionals and advanced software needed to turn data into meaningful insights.

That’s why Schneider Electric developed EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, a world-class data analytics service that’s changing the way our EcoStruxure customers look at their buildings.

Information is power

A great example is a recently completed project by Schneider Electric and our partners for the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Mexico City. The hotel needed to overhaul and modernize its power systems to ensure more reliable, cost-effective performance. The project included new IIoT-enabled transformers, switchboards, meters, and circuit breakers–all of it installed while the hotel stayed open for business. (You can read the full story here).

Originally, the hotel had not included data analytics in their plans, but they decided to try it when they saw how Asset Advisor could help them improve reliability and save money. Now, they not only have a new power system, they have valuable information that was never available before. They receive regular reports on equipment status and performance, predictive maintenance recommendations, and alerts of potential problems before they happen. Meanwhile, data analysis experts using AI-powered software are able to monitor their systems to identify potential threats and find hidden opportunities to reduce energy costs.

Hyatt Regency Smart Building
User apps are intuitive and graphical

What’s more, the hotel owners and managers can see real-time data 24/7 on their phones or computers. They can monitor the overall installation, view the latest diagnostic reports, and drill down into specific equipment details.

The Hyatt Regency project has been completed for only a few months, but they have already reduced the maintenance time by 50% and they’re looking forward to seeing many more benefits over time.

Are data analytics right for your building?

The takeaway from the Hyatt Regency experience is not that every building owner needs data analytics, but that every owner should at least consider it. Because, for the first time, it’s available and practical whether you have one building or a hundred. A subscription service like Asset Advisor is a predictable operational expense with a very strong upside, and it leverages the assets you already have.

Before upgrading any equipment, ask your vendors what services or products they offer for data analytics. Can they demonstrate results and make a clear financial case? Is their solution comprehensive and easy to use? Are their services in line with your goals?

Most importantly, every building owner should consider including IIoT capability with any new power or control systems they install, especially new builds and renovations, since it’s far most cost-effective to do it at installation than as an upgrade later.

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