Decoding Sustainability Initiatives: Your 5 Minute Guide on Sustainability Practices

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The Industrial and business sector has a huge role to play in the growth and development of a country. It maintains the per capita income and provides a plethora of employment opportunities for people coming from different sectors of society. However, in recent years, as countries are taking integral measures to save the planet, businesses are also stepping up by smartly interweaving their business ideas with multiple sustainability initiatives.

In order to comprehend the economic structure of our society, it is important to understand that the industrial sector of several countries functions on the basic principle of capitalism, i.e., every business and industry owner strategically plans to fulfill the requirements of the consumeristic society while primarily focusing on making individual profits.

In contrast, today, topics like global warming, sustainable solutions, and other sustainability initiatives are not limited to academic writing, research, and discussions. Several business groups across the globe are coming up with innovative business ideas that are designed to save the planet in the most efficient way possible.

Even though the breakout of novel coronavirus in March 2020 has led to various pitfalls globally like unemployment, high death toll, economic crisis, etc., on the other hand, it has also started environmental discussions on a fundamental level.

What is a Reasonable Sustainability Initiative?

A reasonable sustainability initiative is a practical, actionable step taken by individuals, businesses, or governments to reduce their environmental footprint and promote long-term ecological balance.

Such initiatives can range from adopting renewable energy sources and implementing waste reduction measures to promoting conservation efforts. Sustainability initiatives should be rooted in evidence-based practices, be economically viable, and cater to the specific needs and capacities of the implementing body. It would ensure both environmental and societal benefits.

Examples of 5 Sustainability Initiatives for a Healthier Planet

In today’s age, everyone is completely absorbed in their busy schedules, and very few people have the time to catch up on sustainability initiatives and the new developments that organizations, researchers, and entrepreneurs are carrying out to make this planet a better place.

People from different corners of the world are coming up with advanced sustainable ideas and solutions. However, unless these sustainability initiatives are propagated in the right manner, they will never be utilized to their full potential. Therefore, this article aims to shine a light on some of the groundbreaking initiatives that are set to revolutionize the way humans tackle carbon emissions, pollution, energy sources, waste material, and beyond.

  1. The Veganbottle: Learn More About Bioplastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are one of the leading contributors to environmental degradation. People carelessly litter plastic water bottles which end up in landfills and oceans, taking several years to break down and decay.

In order to reduce environmental degradation, Lyspackaging, a prestigious organization, provides compostable and biodegradable solutions like the Veganbottle that can be used across beverage markets. So, what makes this sustainable initiative different from others?

These water bottles are made from sugar cane extracts and biodegradable materials that carry the potential to change the face of the food and beverage industry. In addition, the water requirements of a sugar cane plant are much less in comparison with other crops meaning, the manufacturing process of these bottles consumes less than the standard amount of energy.

  1. Demetra: A Sustainable Initiative for Food Wastage

Often when people go grocery shopping, they overestimate their domestic needs and consumption levels and end up purchasing vast amounts of natural resources like fruits and vegetables. However, after a while, it leads to excessive wastage of products, money, and energy.

Demetra, pioneered by an Italian start-up named Green Code, has devised an organic treatment for food preservation that helps the produce stay ripe and fresh without being exposed to cold temperatures. Additionally, it also enhances the shelf life of your groceries, reducing the overall wastage levels of stores and supermarkets.

  1. Discover EcoATM: Avail Money for Your Discarded Devices

As the world is sprinting towards digitalization, we are growing more and more dependent on electrical products and appliances, which has caused a massive spike in our electrical needs. Discover an innovative sustainable initiative that gives you monetary value in exchange for your old gadgets. But how does this happen?

An EcoATM kiosk evaluates your electrical device and offers a specific amount of value for it; once you agree to make the exchange, EcoATM directly transfers money to your bank account. This encourages people to recycle their electrical products instead of adding to huge amounts of digital waste that has visibly been on the rise since the last few years.

  1. Find Your Way to Edible Cutlery through Bakey’s Sustainable Initiative

This remarkable innovation by Narayana Peesapaty carries the potential to escalate the global levels of sustainable development by a considerable margin. In addition, Bakey offers a sustainable alternative to plastic cutlery, which contributes a significant amount of non-biodegradable waste every year. Discover their vegan, organic, and biodegradable cutlery, which comes in a variety of flavours like plain, savory, and sweet.

  1. Instore Herb Gardens: A Sustainable Initiative by Albert Heijn and Design Agency Studiomfd

Albert Heijn and Studiomfd started this project in 2017, intending to provide their customers with fresh produce by generating minimum waste. They successfully executed this project by growing herbs offsite and then transporting them to supermarkets.

One of the best parts of this sustainable initiative is that customers can pick out as many herbs they need according to their needs and requirements, which automatically cancels the need for pre-packaged plastic boxes that are used to store fruits, vegetables, and other natural resources.

Projects and sustainable initiatives like these propagate strong ideas for sustainable development and motivate people to plant their own kitchen or vegetable gardens that offer lasting environmental implications.

How Schneider Electric Helps Take Sustainability Initiatives to the Next Level

At Schneider Electric, we offer an array of products, services, and solutions exclusively designed to meet all your electrical requirements. We are a futuristic organization that makes consistent efforts to build a strong, creative, reliable, and innovative team. Have a look at our 6 long-term commitments for sustainability that forms the foundation of our long-term plan:

  • Act for a climate positive world
  • Be efficient with resources
  • Live up to our principles of trust
  • Create equal opportunities
  • Harness the power of all generation
  • Empower local communities

We make continual efforts to bridge the gap between progress and sustainability by inventing innovative solutions for a brighter, cleaner, and healthier planet.  Browse our website to know more about the sustainability initiatives that have won us prestigious awards and accreditations like First Clean Energy Trailblazer, Microgrid Greater Good Awards Winner 2021, Best Global Sustainable Supply Chain Organization 2021, and more.