Year in Review: SF6 Heats Up in 2020 – But Cools Off with Pure Air

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The energy transition is about much more than dumping fossil fuels for renewables. It’s about achieving other important environmental goals, like eliminating the need to use SF6 – a ubiquitous greenhouse gas that most people have never heard of.

The good news is that 2020 has been an incredible year for new developments of climate-friendly SF6-free technology. Here’s a list of the most important recent accomplishments that clearly show we’re on the right track.

Over 30 million units of medium-voltage switchgear
installed worldwide use sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)

The future looks green with pure air in medium voltage

Countries around the world are putting F-gas regulations in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Combined with the growing societal focus on the environment and the increasingly clear link between sustainable businesses and strong financial performance, the argument to move beyond SF6 is gaining momentum.

  1. Green MV solutions make a major environmental impact
  2. Pure air technology escapes regulatory traps
  3. Pure air technology possesses clear advantages for utilities and large energy users

Eco-friendliness is a leading motivator for adopting SF6-free alternatives (Grenoble Ecole de Management study)

Pure air switchgear receives great reviews from first installations around the world

A new green and digital switchgear range, completely free of the industry-standard SF6 greenhouse gas, made its debut. Energy companies around the world have successfully tested SM AirSeT in their grids and their satisfaction levels are sky-high.

  1. GreenAlp protects the French Alps with sustainable switchgear
  2. E.ON praises SF6-free technology as a “durable and cost-effective solution”
  3. EEC Engie leads the way to a zero-carbon future with “green, reliable, and intelligent innovation”

The green and digital technology is racking up the awards

SM AirSeT continues to receive accolades from some of the biggest names in industry. For its design, its efficiency, and – most importantly – its impressive contribution to more sustainable infrastructure.

  1. SF6-free technology wins prestigious Industrial Energy Efficiency Award from Hannover Messe
  2. ICEF selects SM AirSeT as a Top 10 Innovation to fight climate change
  3. iF Design Award recognizes SM AirSeT’s design excellence

How SF6-free and digital empower electricity decarbonization and efficiency

And there’s a holiday bonus

Critical infrastructure and large grid users have trusted SF6 for decades. But now new and greener choices can be made. Pure air technology is the first key step toward ending reliance on the little-known but ubiquitous SF6 greenhouse gas.
Interested in the details? See how SF6-free and digital technologies work in concert as a powerful force for decarbonization and efficiency.

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