Podcast: Innovating Outside the Mothership

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On this episode of Innovation at the Edge, host Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Chief Innovation Officer of Schneider Electric is joined by Mike Rosenberg, professor of strategic management at IESE Business School. To open the show, Mike shares the differences between innovation and disruption. He believes that the term disruption is often used incorrectly, when people truly mean innovation. The main difference between innovation and disruption in technology is whether or not large companies are able to adapt to changing technologies. If they are able to adapt and change based off the technological change, they are innovating. However, if these companies are not able to adapt and they are instead replaced by new names that are on the cutting edge, then the technology has truly been disruptive. Companies should be consistently looking ahead to avoid being a victim of disruption in their industry by projecting trends and embracing and investing in new technologies as they begin to rise.

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An example of the innovation that is taking place in our current climate is the the transition to the use of at-home technology for businesses, schools and services. Mike emphasizes that individuals and organizations should be viewing the climate emergency with the same sense of urgency and creativity. The Covid-19 crisis has proven that real change and innovation can come from this mindset.

The Covid-19 crisis has also helped organizations become more resilient. Mike believes that decentralizing the decision making in larger organizations allows for more resiliency for the organization. Allowing individuals who are closer to the situation to have the most decision making responsibility leads to resiliency in key moments.

Mike believes that even though Covid is the immediate focus in the world, organizations will return back to the push towards sustainability that was being cultivated early in 2020. Young people that are entering the workforce in the next 5-10 years will be huge proponents of change in the mindset towards the climate across all industries.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:02] – What is the difference between innovation and disruption?

[4:28] – Are there any steps that can be taken to avoid disruption?

[5:34] – How are the climate crisis and the current Covid-19 crisis effecting the way that companies are able to innovate?

[7:56] – How does having decentralized decision making in a company make the organization more resilient?

[16:44] – Has the Covid-19 crisis affected the way that organizations are responding to the global climate crisis?

[22:02] – How will the current price of oil affect the movement towards clean energy?

[25:34] – What advice does Mike have for entrepreneurs who are trying to innovate?

[29:02] – Mike talks about second acts and how to make a meaningful career move.


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