My Escapade from Campus to Corporate

“Journey of a thousand miles begins with a Single Step”, however, sometimes taking that first very step seems daunting,  especially, when you are venturing into a completely different phase of Life. ‘ Campus to Corporate’, our Grand Induction program is designed to smoothen the Transition of our Graduate Engineer Trainees form College life to a Professional realm. Want to know more about our endeavour, read the blog from Akanksha where she retrospects and elucidates different elements of Campus to Corporate program 2017.

The Offer Letter

I still remember the date, it was 23rd September 2016, I came back to my hostel at 11 pm, with the offer letter in my hand. I don’t recall being that happy anytime in my life earlier. It was one of those times when I cried out of happiness. Tears of Happiness because it brought along a sense of achievement. It was ‘my achievement’, my efforts had paid off.

Campus to Corporate

Note to our Parents

A memory which I would cherish forever is the extraordinary way in which Schneider Electric engaged our parents. I got a call from my Dad informing me how they had received a fabulous letter card from Schneider Electric’s leaders, along with a badge, making them proud parents of a student who were entering Schneider and appreciating the pivotal role our parents played in our lives. The regular engagement reflected the Great Culture of the organization we were set to join.

The Interactions

I had reached the venue alone, however, there were few colleagues accompanied by their parents. Every eye I met, was gleaming with excitement.

Leaders started addressing parents of the students and we were pleased as this was something beyond our imagination. We never thought that our parents would be tendered to so well.

In the evening, before dinner, there was an ice-breaker session which was organized to ensure that we get comfy in the new atmosphere and develop a rapport with other colleagues.

Week 1 – The On boarding and Induction

The first week was filled with Leaders of Schneider Electric coming forth to share their views, their experiences, their learnings and more. They also apprised us about the different verticals that make up SE.

We had Industrial visits on the last two days of the week, here we learnt how the basics and concepts were being used in real life.

Icing on the Cake – Visit to Play Arena

The objective of this activity was to develop camaraderie and foster team work. We had the Mystery Box, Paint ball, Laser tag, rock climbing, archery and more.

Though the impending activities like rock climbing seemed daunting, however, we somehow scaled up the heights; lesson learnt – irrespective of the complexity of the task, you must go ‘all-in’. And thus, with a superb fun and frolic, the week one came to an end.

Campus to Corporate 

Week 2 – Behavioral Training

The next week was about the Etiquette Training. The batch was divided into 2 sub-batches. Our facilitators were full of life. Some of the key areas which were focused upon were – how to talk, how to dress up, which category of a person we fall into, what are the table manners, the code of conduct for being a successful professional, including many other things.

Campus to Corporate

The Gala Night

Campus to Corporate concluded with Bollywood Retro themed Gala Night. We started with performances such as dance, drama, stand-up comedy, singing and more. We all danced like crazy in the Flash Mob. And I must tell, nobody parties like Schneider Electric.

There was a special DJ performance from Vice President, Schneider Digital – Arindam Sen and Director, Schneider Digital – Sourindra Maity. The music was a treat to our feet, we just kept tapping to the beats.

Today, after 10 months of being in the Schneider Electric Family, when I sat down to write this, I could find myself smiling ear to ear. It was nostalgic to travel back the memory lane; these memories have been etched on our hearts forever.

I can proudly state that for me ‘Life is On’ at Schneider Electric.

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  1. Sushil shrivastava

    Welcome to schneider family .very beautifully words rope in to describe journey of joining schneider. Looking forward for more blog ..

  2. Gopal Sainani

    As we all know that you are an amazing writer and a very good human being along with that a dedicated focused hardworking girl…10 out of 10 marks on implementing your learnings…You are now a pure corporate professional and we all r proud of you…keep it up ..Al the best …you are definitely going to achieve what you want…Wish you good luck