What is the Next Big Thing that excites you?

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No I’m not referring to the new iPhone X which was launched sometime back and which may cost an arm and a leg, as many of us would like to dream about and no  I’m not talking about the much debated demonetization, G.S.T. etc. and why they have been a boon or a bane to the country. I’m talking about the digital transformation path our country is set on. Focusing down to the workings of our business, I’m talking about Buildings and practically any building that you might be staying, working in, spend leisure time in or go to to have yourself healed. Well what I mean is either your home, office, hotel or a hospital.

Are these buildings inspiring enough for you to spend more time in. Are they intuitive? Are they Intelligent? Do they listen to you or adapt as per your behavior? Some of them do  and most of them do not!

It may surprise you that 70% of buildings which are going to come up in India by 2030, have not been built yet. Yes, in other words 70% of India is yet to be built. Here’s what I’m trying to infer – There’s an opportunity of making the rest 70% of Indian Buildings Smart, Safe, Sustainable, Green and definitely Intelligent, way too Intelligent. With that said, one of the top trends of construction Industry indicates that Construction firms will face increased scrutiny and prosecution of safety and fraud incidents


Challenging the Challenges

In India, buildings are responsible for 40 per cent of the energy use, 30 per cent of the raw material use, 20 per cent of water use, and 20 per cent of land use in cities. At the same time, they cause 40 per cent of the carbon emissions, 30 per cent of solid waste generation, and 20 per cent of water effluents.

Well the teeth-rattling statistics are many and the times to come are challenging. But who said challenges can’t be exciting?

  1. It’s exciting for Builders to build the next revolutionary building in India which consumes zero energy and instead gives energy back to grid.
  2. It’s exciting for Building consultants and Architects to conceptualize a building which uses state-of-the-art technology to make the stay comfortable and environment safe
  3. It’s the most exciting time for technology providers like us to keep ushering in the latest technologies which make buildings safe, reliable, smart and green
  1. An Intelligent Building management system which make buildings Smart and Intelligent
  2. A Power distribution system which make the electrical system of the building talk to the owners
    1. Certified electrical panels which prevent fire
  3. Systems and solutions which as per the direction of National Buildings Code

Talk about solutions

  1. Lighting control solutions which eliminates any kind of energy wastage through lights and harnesses the power of sunlight in boardroom / other zones
  2. A robust network connectivity solution which is color coded making the life of an IT manager, far more simpler
  3. A power back up system to ensure the building is alive and kicking, 24X7
  4. And in case you’re wondering what about a residence? We’ve got it covered too! From customizable distribution boards to a range of switches and just in case you wanted to automate. To make your home a smart home, guess what, we have an array of solutions to suit your requirement and budget

At Schneider Electric we are working consistently to deliver to our customers this and more! Each of the solution, right from the hardware, to their software. To top it up, analytics to foster intelligence and predictive maintenance is a clear focus area for us which comes together beautifully in our EcoStruxure Building story:

Check more here – https://www.schneider-electric.com/b2b/en/campaign/innovation/buildings.jsp


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