Empower people with the IIoT to improve asset performance and reliability

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The majority of conversation on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has focused on machine-machine interactions and the growing intelligence of machine systems, but that is only part of the picture. No matter how advanced the automation system in a given plant, human intervention is critical to strategic decision making, operations and maintenance. Empower people with the tools and actionable insights where and when needed to make an informed decision to optimize asset performance and reliability.

Consolidate and analyze big data

Companies are currently storing and collecting an increasing volume of industrial big data, but if that data is constrained within silos it is of limited value to employees. In order to unlock the potential within that big data, organizations need to invest in solutions that consolidate and contextualize data from across the enterprise. Data visualization tools and mobility solutions increases the collaboration between teams and built-in analytics make big data comprehensible, unlocking hidden correlations and empowering employees with actionable insights.

Predictive asset analytics software uses advanced pattern recognition and machine learning to identify issues days, weeks or months, before equipment failure. This enables the shift from a reactive to a predictive maintenance strategy, reducing unscheduled downtime and maintenance costs.

Digitize the mobile workforce

Digitizing the mobile workforce is critical to an effective maintenance strategy. Mobile workforce management solutions empower people to collect data from stranded assets that are not digitally integrated to the plant information systems. These solutions also ensure best practices are followed across the plant by standardizing, documenting and enforcing maintenance inspections and procedures. This increases the repeatability of executed maintenance work and optimizes asset performance, reliability and safety.

Mobile access capabilities are also key to digitizing the mobile workforce, as these capabilities ensure that people across the decision-making chain have access to the data where and when they need it. Providing access to data in an intuitive format empowers employees to be active participants in real-time workstreams.

Leverage the IIoT for improved asset performance and reliability

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