Sustainability – Future-Proofing Our Planet

Sustainability has become the buzz word of our times. People, governments, enterprises, cities, not-for-profits, institutions, buildings and homes are all talking about it.

We live in a closed ecosystem. We are using up what is available as resources – both man-made and natural – with scarce regard for our future generations. In our reckless style of development, we are alarmingly depleting non-renewable assets and dangerously causing damage to our environment.

So what is sustainability? According to the Brundtland Report adopted by the UN, sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Let us just take a simple case in point – from a manufacturer’s sustainability perspective.

  • Produce products using safe and sustainable materials
  • Adopt sustained industrial processes
  • Run supply chain and commercial operations in a sustainable way
  • Maintain marketing, research and office facilities on sustainable practices

The above scenario connects a wide variety of players – vendors, machine builders, utilities, warehouse operators, packaging industry, transporters, system, solution & service providers etc. – to deliver products to that last as also the most important group, customers – and by extension – society and the planet.

Add it up on the local, regional, national and international context, the situation takes on exponential proportions. One thing becomes absolutely certain – we are all in it together. Action or inaction of one impacts all – positively or negatively.

Triple Bottom Line1

So, how can we actually be sustainable on a day-to-day basis? It looks complex but the solution is actually quite elementary. It has to begin at individual and entity level.

The path is as clear and progressive – Awareness to Actions to all-round development – Economic, Environmental and Social. Dow Jones Sustainability Index assesses corporate responsibility on these three over-arching criteria. Responsible business enterprises are implementing sustainability strategies in their operations worldwide. Many Corporations like Schneider Electric are walking the talk and setting a global benchmark.

Schneider Electric is present in major sustainability indices, such as Dow Jones Sustainability World & Europe Indices, CDP A-List & Climate Disclosure Leadership Index, and World’s Most Ethical Companies.

There are end-to-end solutions to integrate your strategy, technology and implementation capabilities for Sustainability programs.

Sustainability is the only true top line and bottom line of business performance.

Make your business sustainable by making sustainability your business – NOW!


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