What is the shelf life of a Sustainability Manager?

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I have read a number of articles recently that support completely opposing viewpoints.

1. Not far in the future we will see a Sustainability Manager role in every business in some capacity

2. The role of Sustainability Manager will disappear completely as sustainability becomes a strategic priority that is embedded in all aspects of business

Sustainability roles have recently made it to the C suite. Chief Sustainability Officers are in place in many of the world’s top companies. There are 29 CSOs at publicly traded companies in the US, though they tend to have few resources. There is a good argument for a Sustainability C- Level Officer. In the current  tough economic climate, companies still need to be reminded that what’s best for the company can also be what’s best for the planet and the corporate bottom line. Some companies still see sustainability as an investment in public relations.

Fast forward 10 years (or more). Electricity prices have gone up, water is scarce, global carbon and energy regulations are prevalent, and renewable and green technology costs have dropped due to increased demand and market competition. Sustainable business practices make companies more profit and may even be a requirement to be in business. Sustainability is factored into every business decision. Is there still a need for a Sustainability Manager?


 What do you think?


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