Our supply chain message to our U.S. partners and distributors

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There’s no question that the last 20 months have been a bumpy ride for our industry, and the world. No one has been invulnerable to impacts on global supply chains.

Early on, Schneider Electric™ started proactively analyzing our supply chain to better support our partners and customers. What I’d like to talk to you about in this blog post is what we’ve learned and what we’re doing to reach clearer skies ahead.

What we’ve learned

Overall, we’ve learned that the world has undeniably changed. This change has stress-tested our supply chain. It’s not just the pandemic; it’s other events that will continue to occur in a more uncertain world.

Unprecedented freezing temperatures in Texas, historically large wildfires out west, and a cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal are just a few examples. Supply shortages are another variable. To prepare for this more unpredictable landscape, we’re pivoting away from just-in-time and toward just-in-case regional and global supply chains.

What we’re doing about it

Our pivot to resilience is about investing in more regional manufacturing capacity. It’s also about infusing our entire supply chain with digital intelligence that increases productivity and better anticipates upstream and downstream changes.

Since the pandemic began, we at Schneider have:

  • Invested over $100 million to strengthen our regional supply chain resilience
  • Announced that we’ll build and equip three new manufacturing plants in North America with plans to open in late 2022
  • Onboarded 100 new suppliers
  • Secured strategic buys of industry-constrained raw materials to support increased demand and improve continuity of supply

How we’re going even further

These investments are just the start. They’re what we’re doing to shorten the journey of goods between us and you. But we’re also focused on enabling our partners to grow into the all-electric, all-digital future.

First, we’re expanding our digital services and software offers. These solutions not only deepen your relationships with customers, they also exist largely outside the real-world supply chain.

Second, we’re investing in growing our sales teams. We plan to drive strong demand that builds your pipeline even further. And we’re also mobilizing to help you better match your projects with products and services that are in stock and have shorter lead times.

Third, we’re helping distributors digitally transform their marketing strategies and e-commerce platforms. In a world where there’s never been a more informed buyer, we’re equipping partners with all the resources you need to attract leads, close deals, and grow sales.

That’s how we’re building Partnerships of the Future. And we can’t do it without you. So, thanks again for your trust and your continued partnership.

And on a personal note, I want to say that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of you over the years. These relationships matter a great deal to me — they’re a big reason why I love my job. And I’m 100 percent committed to making sure we solve this, together.

If you have any thoughts about our supply chain vision, let me know down below in the comments. And for immediate assistance with questions about orders, this link will help you get in touch:

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Mike Montanari
VP, Channel Development

Mike Montanari, a graduate of Lamar University, joined Square D in 1985 as a sales engineer in the San Antonio field sales office. Mike currently serves as VP of the U.S. Power Systems Business at Schneider Electric. Before assuming this role in January 2020, he was responsible for the business performance of the low voltage electrical distribution equipment and transactional offers. He has also led the strategic development and execution of EcoStruxure Power, engagement with specifiers and contractors, and other integrated customer solutions across multiple business segments. Mike is passionate about being an ambassador for Schneider Electric, both inside the organization and as a face of the business to our customers and industry partners.

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