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People want to build a greener world. That’s become clear to me in recent years as I’ve watched individuals take steps toward decreasing their carbon footprint. But why not take the opportunity to support sustainability on a much wider scale? That’s what happens when you choose a career in services. By joining services you’ll become an actor of electrification, safety, digital, and circularity and become part of a team that is laser focused on contributing to a greener world.

At Schneider Electric, these principles are ingrained in everything we do. Our company’s manifesto sums up our commitment:

“We’re real people: employees, developers, partners, investors, and inventors – all passionate about doing what’s right. We’re open. Humans of all sorts, from all over, learning from each other, and about each other. We’re not here to save the world. It’ll go on with or without us. We’re here to be the digital partner for sustainability and efficiency. To ensure Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, at every moment.” Schneider Electric Company Story Manifesto

I am privileged to have grown my career at Schneider in global as well as operational leadership roles based out of China, UAE, and more recently returning to France. I’ve served our customers by leveraging our solutions across the power domain, energy automation, and infrastructure to ensure Life Is On for them at every moment. And yet, there’s no place where our manifesto resonates more than in services, where the work of experts on the ground and in the cloud can make Life Is On a reality with the flip of a switch.

Keep the world On!

Our whole world is becoming more electric and more digital – and that’s a good thing because it brings societal, financial, and environmental benefits – but we often take power for granted until there’s a problem.

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage you know that it can feel like life is on hold while you wait for service to resume. The consequences of equipment failure or an outage can affect more than your personal comfort, though. It can also lead to serious consequences, such as huge financial losses if production at a manufacturing plant grinds to a halt or the cooling system stops working at a data center.

By joining services, you can become an integral member of the team responsible for keeping equipment up and running. While you may not see field service representatives in action, they are the people on the ground supporting our customers and their electrical distribution installations, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), data centers, and automation – both during a crisis and just as importantly by preventing problems from occurring in the first place so that customers have peace of mind.

Make a REAL IMPACT for a decarbonized world. How real? 1M tons of CO2 real

Our services teams lead the charge for a decarbonized world. Because of field service experts’ close contact with customers, they’re in a unique position to identify ways to limit carbon emissions using modernization opportunities for a digitized and greener world. This includes helping our customers minimize waste, optimize efficiency, build operational excellence, improve end-to-end sustainability, and extend assets lifespans.

When we modernize, we maximize reuse. The best course of action for a sustainable future is to not throw away: keep your best and futurize the rest, as we like to say at Schneider. This way we strengthen our customers’ foundation for tomorrow’s unpredictable risks while standing behind their commitment to waste minimization and recycling.

In a recent project, for instance, field service representatives were part of a team that helped steel producer ArcelorMittal save 170 metric tons of CO2 by upgrading and modernizing the MV power network at one of its plants. Projects like these are how Schneider Electric helped its customers save 1 million tons of CO2 in 2021. It’s among the reasons we consider ourselves an impact company, which is about broadening our leadership across the many dimensions of sustainability.

Join a REAL INCLUSIVE Community and build relationships with our customers

Field services representatives can make a real impact in their customers’ business by acting as a trusted advisor who supports them in their digitization, electrification, and decarbonization journey. And it goes beyond helping them fix their problems in a time of need.

You can develop meaningful relationships that bring unique insight into how your customers can improve their businesses and meet their goals. You can guide customers in choosing the best solutions, make smart recommendations, provide actionable insights, and offer solutions to support business continuity and prolong an installation’s use. Every day is different because field services is all about variety – working with different industries, clients, technology, and needs.

This customer focus is why services can best be described as a “people business.” While I’ve seen the services business change over the years as installations become more modernized and digitized, some things never change – the willingness to help, to learn, and to connect and build relationships with customers.

Get REAL SKILLS to make the difference all along your career

I recently spoke with my colleague Adrien, who has been an electrical distribution field services representative in France for over a decade. He told me how he spends most of his time working on-site for customers from a range of domains, including medical, electrical, and transportation and gets to “interconnect with other departments, including sales, consulting, and service experts to work together for the customers.”

One of the most meaningful parts of his job is that he knows his customers trust him and his expertise to keep their installations running. They also trust him to protect their employees’ and equipment’s safety. He has many happy memories of grateful customers.

When I asked him about the future, Adrien says he sees himself at the heart of digitization. He’s excited about the digital transformation that is bringing connected technology like sensors to his customers’ equipment so he can optimize their maintenance and troubleshoot to prevent problems.

There is no better school than services, including on the latest digital tech

During my years at Schneider, I’ve seen that services is the best place to learn the whole business and get a unique firsthand end-to-end experience with our customers. By joining services, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a diverse, global community and acquire real skills that open pathways for career success. You’ll set yourself up for future opportunities for career advancements.

In addition, you’ll work with and leverage the latest digital technologies every day. Solving customer challenges with digital capabilities including IoT, AI, and advanced analytics, can open many doors for future opportunities.

Does it sound like you? Let’s talk!

Join us to learn how working in services can make a real difference. We support you – our front-line workers – by helping you continuously build your skill set and meet your career goals. By joining services, you’ll be at the center of an evolving, electrified, and decarbonized new energy world. You’ll have the opportunity to use the latest technology to digitally transform customers’ equipment and maintenance practices and have a direct impact on customers’ sustainability and uptime.

Learn more about your next professional step in services.


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