Remote services offers a dose of telemedicine for your critical facility’s electrical equipment

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As a facility manager at a critical facility such as a hospital or data center, you’re facing unique challenges.

More than ever before, you may be focused on essential services like vaccine development or supporting unprecedented demands on connectivity, leaving little time for systems maintenance and routine electrical checkups. But, if your electrical equipment were to fail, you would feel the impacts immediately.

The good news is that service partners such as Schneider Electric™ services can help your business prevent unplanned downtime without the need for an on-site visit through remote services. Here’s how.

“Telemedicine” for your electrical systems

Let’s say your facility is having trouble with their electrical distribution equipment, and no one on-site knows how to resolve the issue. What’s the next step?

The first thing many facility managers would do is call a maintenance service provider for on-site support. However, it can take up to two days or more to get the service personnel on site for support. That’s too long for most critical facilities where time is of the essence and downtime can be costly.

But there’s an easier, quicker solution.

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Instead of waiting for help to arrive on-site, you can now use secure, remote access-based tools, such as Remote Expertise™,  to get expert support from a service technician within minutes. The service is similar to a telemedicine visit a patient would schedule with a physician to discuss their health needs. Except, in this circumstance, you would connect remotely with a technician trained to troubleshoot “sick” electrical systems.

A remote, secure service solution for equipment failure

Working with a remote expert is a straightforward process, whether you’re resolving common breaker trips or complex equipment damage.

During the initial call, a support team representative learns about your problem and passes those notes to an experienced technician. That technician receives the request and connects with you within an hour using a video streaming and augmented reality-based software solution. This software enables the technician to see the damaged or inoperable equipment and give you guidance to resolve the issue and get your systems back online.

Boost resiliency with preventive maintenance

Remote services aren’t just for emergencies. Facility managers can also connect to a technician using the same augmented reality-based software to receive preventive maintenance recommendations, such as a remote modernization, performance, and safety (MPS) assessment.

A remote services expert sitting infront a set of monitors

For this particular assessment, a service engineer analyzes your facility’s electrical equipment and offers suggestions to improve system and component health. Armed with this information, you can then work with the engineer to create a plan for equipment that may need repair or upgrade.

Having a plan in place enables you to budget ahead and avoid the negative effects of unplanned outages due to aging equipment or parts availability.

Ensuring healthy assets 24/7

During this unique time, when every minute of uptime matters more than ever, facility managers need a support system to ensure optimized electrical equipment. We can help.

Schneider Electric™ Services offers service plans for both preventive and corrective maintenance. With a service contract, you get prioritized response times, fixed costs, and discounts on parts and labor. Plus,  we can connect to your most critical assets with 24/7 cloud-based monitoring, so you get faster service without the need for an on-site visit.

Get started by exploring connected service plan options.

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