The once-in-a-century event that forces your hand – the time to act is now

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Amidst the global events occurring today, it is easy to understand that your organisation feels the need to conserve capital and bunker down while the storm passes.

Now is not the time to hide away from your responsibility to provide products and services to your community. Your customers need you now more than ever. Society needs your organisation’s assets operating as effectively and disruption free as possible in order to receive the services you provide.

Disruption of your business activities due to equipment that has not been maintained effectively is now likely to be devastating to your organisation’s reputation.

time to act

How can I prepare?

Do an audit of your business processes and have a look at the equipment supporting them. The way you use your equipment will change based on how the situation at hand evolves – make sure you’ve thought out how this affects your operations as described by government officials and relevant experts.

Now is the time to walk through each step and understand the changing criticality of each process as well as the equipment supporting your organisation.

Your critical applications must be safeguarded

Safeguard your organisation as it operates through this crisis so you can bounce back after the storm has passed. Some parts of the world have been heavily impacted by this crisis – how will your company operate in these conditions?

Warren Buffet famously once said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked”. Preparation is key to ensuring that you are covered as the tide is going out. There is still time to protect yourself, but your organisation must start preparations now.

Monitor and control your assets remotely

Some of our customers use EcoStruxure Asset Advisor as their digital monitoring solution which ensures that they don’t need to physically be at their worksite in order to monitor, control and maintain their critical assets.

Industry experts from the Connected Services Hub can call you before your equipment fails, organising urgent repair or maintenance that’s included in service plans you may be signed up to. They will provide guidance on the best course of action to help ensure that your assets run reliably during this state of flux.

Come out of the other side ready and rearing for the recovery. Our Field Service technicians are ready and waiting to ensure your assets don’t let you down during these dark times.

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