Monitoring and Maintenance: Stay focussed on your core business activities

What do share traders, prisons and your connectable assets have in common?

Monitoring and process control are central to their successful management, including other critically important activities and operations.

A share trader who lacks proficiency in monitoring stocks is almost certain to be impacted by response lag, or worse still, lose capital in the long term.Monitoring

Prisons that don’t monitor inmates or lack processes to respond to incidents may also lose control of their population with dangerous consequences.

If your connectable assets are not using EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, they’re not being proactively monitored, alarm response times could be lacking and you’re not in control of your asset’s operating status 24/7.

Like a jail warden, our Connected Services Hub monitors your assets closely and at the first sign of trouble, our service technicians are dispatched for support. We know when assets should be maintained based on how they’re used and the environment in which they operate. In some cases, we can predict when they might fail – helping you to replace them beforehand.

Is your current monitoring solution as fast to respond as we are?

Like a share trader, we understand the importance of your investment and can recommend when to re-invest in your critical processes. We can also advise on when you should divest from your old equipment by modernising or upgrading to the newest equivalent. Similarly, our service plans encapsulate the management of all your Secure Power assets. By paying a nominal management fee, our Field Services team will maintain your critical investment to the manufacturer’s specifications over the asset’s lifetime.

Who else has more knowledge about your assets than the manufacturer?

A maintenance plan empowered by EcoStruxure Asset Advisor ensures you receive the full spectrum of monitoring and process control for your critical Secure Power assets.

Trust the experts, have a chat with your local Schneider Electric representative or contact us online to discuss your maintenance needs.