Efficiency, Reliability and Digitisation: Pressing reasons to Modernise your Equipment

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When you look at the equipment on your site, do you ever consider these questions: When was it installed? How long is its operating life? When will it require servicing? Which equipment is most likely to fail first?

Personally, I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast!

Would it be more beneficial for you if you have an accurate record-keeping system that ensures every piece of equipment is logged, maintained and replaced prior to Mean Time To Failure (MTTF)?

Every new generation of equipment benefits from innovations in energy efficiency, reliability and communications ability. While your older equipment may appear to work fine, modernising it can benefit you in the long run.

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Efficiency Dividends

As the price of energy increases, your business pays more money per hour to run the last generation’s equipment. That additional energy consumed doesn’t disappear – it turns into heat, noise or movement. The additional heat puts additional pressure on your HVAC systems, the noise is hazardous to your workers and the movement accelerates wear and tear on your equipment.

Modernise your equipment

Reliability Dividends

We all know that older cars are more likely to break down compared to newer models. Likewise, your older assets are more prone to failure compared to the next generation of products with the latest technology.

Do you know what the MTTF is for your products on-site? Are you getting close based on its operating environment compared to its original lifespan?

Digitisation Dividends

In the same way that technology makes the world smaller, digitisation brings you closer to your remotely operated assets. This allows you to perform necessary actions before an issue occurs. No need to wait for the red light to start flashing or your process to shut down before you start to act.

Innovative services like EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, use digital technology to make monitoring and maintenance of your assets possible, anytime and anywhere. For instance, industry experts from the Service Bureau can call you before your equipment fails, organising timely repair or maintenance. They can provide guidance on the best course of action to ensure your asset operates as close as possible to its design parameters.

The advantages of Modernisation are clear. Maximise the efficiency and reliability of your assets as well as the digitisation of your assets through modernisation.

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