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As a facility manager, ensuring that your facility functions at peak level and that operations do not stall are on top of your daily agenda. Indeed, with operational processes increasing in complexity and the demand for faster turnaround time, people in charge of facilities need to better anticipate obsolescence, shortage of spares, and be informed on most important events such as a breach of security or product recall in case of quality issues.

Today we are all subject to several notifications throughout the day and this can be overwhelming. That is why it is critical to receive the right and relevant information related to your installed base at the right time.

Additionally, there are several other factors that contribute towards maintaining operations at peak level such as tracking all your assets, finding the right documentation, and immediate technical support when needed.

Given the above reasons, having visibility over your installed base is imperative for trouble-free operations, that is why we offer you to get instant online access to a criticality assessment of your site, see a sample report here.

How can you get the free online assessment? You have now available a new feature to Register your Products, accessible through mySchneider app, one single tool for all your needs which provides, not only enhanced visibility on critical assets but also personalized information and alerts that matter the most to you and your business.

Wondering what exactly is this feature and how does it help facility managers achieve peak performance? Let me answer all your questions below.

What is it?

With an easy 3-step registration process, this new feature helps you anticipate breakdowns and manage the performance of your installed base products with the installed base assessment report to help you gain better visibility and find the right documentation easily.

Where can you access: You can register the products on mySchneider app, accessible here.

Why Register: Registering your installed base products on the app has many benefits:

  1. Stay Informed & Be Safe: Be informed on critical information and get prioritized issue-resolution for any safety update, cyber-security risks or quality alert.
  2. Installed Base Assessment Report: Track your equipment’s performance with the FREE Installed Base Assessment report available on-demand in the app and evaluate key actions you can take to upgrade or maintain your systems and minimize any risks.
  3. Get Fast Support: Don’t spend time searching for the information you need:
  • Find all related product-related documentation online.
  • Our customer care center will be able to view the equipment details you registered to provide you quick and efficient support.

 How to Register: Registration is possible through the app in 3 simple steps:

Get the app
: Log in once, open the app and tap on ‘Register my asset’.


Register your asset: Registration can be done by simply scanning the QR code, entering the commercial reference number or browsing our extensive catalog.

Locate the installation site: Lastly, enter the product location to aid site interventions and maintenance checks. You can access your Installed Base Assessment now!

The brand-new solution is introduced to give facility managers a tech-savvy way to asset performance management—one that is cyber-secure and available anywhere, at any time.

Don’t wait, download the mySchneider App, and register your products today!


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