Safety in any step of the way

In Europe, we have more than 2400 Field Services Representatives working at customer’ site every day, that means they face hundreds of different situations that could include dangerous procedures. That’s why, at Schneider Electric, Safety is our first priority, not only for our people in the field, but also for any of our workers and, of course, our customers.

Lock Out Tag Out (L.O.T.O)

To protect ourselves and perform work in an Electrical safe condition, we must fully understand and follow all the steps of the LOTO process; the seven steps of Lock Out Tag Out safety:

  1. Prepare
  2. Shut down the load
  3. Disconnect the sources of energy
  4. Lock
  5. Verify
  6. Ground
  7. Protect adjacent conductors

Following all the steps is highly important; at the end of the job Schneider Electrics’ person in charge sign off that steps from 1 to 7 are completed. Then, the customer representative signs to confirm that all the steps have been followed.

S.A.F.E. First

We understand that achieving a safe environment depends on external factors but also on us as individuals. So, S.A.F.E is the mantra that reminds us to stay always focus and alert going through these four important steps:

Those are steps that are not only recommended in the field while working with critical equipment, but this is also something we could do anytime, anywhere to make sure that what we are going to do we’ll do it in the safest way.

The S.A.F.E culture is also in our customer’s sites

Making sure we are S.A.F.E is more than following a list of steps, is in our DNA. That’s why we want to engage our customers to join us in being S.A.F.E in their workplace with our electrical safety services. Thanks to our experts on functional safety, standards, and regulatory compliance, we ensure support throughout the safety lifecycle, wherever and whenever it’s needed. Operating more safely minimizes threats and increases uptime, therefore the risk of reputation damage is avoided.

Learn how to achieve the zero accident status with our electrical safety training. Detect any knowledge gap and take the appropriate electrical safety training course.

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  • Electrical safety is the most important aspect of any work on electrical systems.

    The Lock Out Tag Out procedure you describe is a very sensible methodology for the safe isolation of electrical circuits prior to undertaking any works.

    Any failure to ensure safe isolation has been completed can end in very serious electric shock. Of course any company working around electrical circuits should always aim for a zero accident rate

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