Modern ways to save time when ordering medium voltage equipment

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Are you wasting time searching through hundreds of catalog pages for product reference numbers?

Are you bored by spending your time calling a sales representative, explaining your needs and asking for a quotation?

Are you sick of waiting weeks to receive a standard product without knowing the precise delivery date? Even more… Sick of seeing your reputation suffer because of medium voltage equipment delivery delays?

Are you afraid of delaying your panel building project because of specific customer requirements?

Are you annoyed about receiving phone calls and emails from past customers who wants to get documentation about their installed products when you are busy?

And finally: Are you dreaming of a new digital world where you could be 100% efficient?

If you answered YES to all these previous questions, don’t miss our webinar for panel builders Modern Strategies for Practical Time Saving.


In today’s speedy and connected environment, panel builders need ways to be more flexible, more productive, with better service from their suppliers and partners. Modern ways to solve these issues are now available – sometimes directly embedded in the product design. Panel builders looking for medium voltage equipment can now save time at every step of the process, from selection, quotation, delivery, customization, installation, operation, and support.

Listed below are highlights of modern solutions that help panel builders save time at every level:

Selection: Online catalogs enable more efficiency to select the right products.

  • Filters and parameter choices allow an easily refined product selection.
  • A quick side-by-side comparison of two similar products helps distinguish differences at a glance.
  • Clear documentation with technical information is available with real-time updates.

Ordering: Digital quotation tools allow speedy ordering, with secure and immediate access (24/7)

  • Quick online configuration provides real-time information like price and availability.
  • A precise quotation is immediately addressed.
  • An order confirmation is generated.

Delivery: Pre-validated reference designs help reduce delivery timelines.

  • Panel builders get a precise and reliable delivery date.
  • Common product ranges are available off-the-shelf for a fast delivery.
  • High-demand products are immediately sent from local warehouse. E.g., basic protection relays are delivered in five working days.

Customization: Product standardization and kits allow fast delivery and changes.

  • Last minute changes to the equipment are easily made by the panel builder. E.g., basic circuit-breakers are quickly and easily customizable.
  • Kits are available from local warehouse for a short delivery time.

Installation: Digital tools help equipment installation and testing.

  • Software assists panel builders during equipment setting and configuration, with intuitive interfaces and graphical representations.
  • Software is available to do virtual simulation tests and minimize injection testing.

Testing and operation: Digital tools help equipment maintenance.

  • Smart applications available on your phone allow easy remote maintenance and power restoration. E.g. protection relays’ screens display directly on your phone screen.
  • An embedded web server makes fast changes and equipment settings, without the need for a setup tool.

Handover and support: Digital tools provide immediate access to helpful and current documentation.

  • Smart applications give access to documents/FAQs about equipment, reading the QR Code on the equipment.
  • Routine test reports, certificates of compliance with IEC 62271-100, warranty expiry dates, lists of spare parts, and a maintenance and service guide are available in one click.
  • Secure cloud-based storage to upload documents is provided – to add as-built wiring schematics, assembly reports or associated protection relay types and serial number records if needed.

These new solutions address or eliminate the many pain points that panel builders experience all along their projects. Panel builders can consequently save time and focus on what really matters: taking care of their customers and winning projects!

Hey panel builders, do you want to know more?

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