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Modern house of the future using solar energy

Climate change calls for energy self-sufficiency. Is going Solar enough?

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8 min read

Brazilian Expat on the Adventure of Living Abroad

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From the City of Fury to the City of Lights: María’s expat journey

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What Does ‘Home’ Mean To You?

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‘Four winters in Moscow’: Offer Marketing Director shares his expat journey

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Executive ‘Global nomad’ on living in four countries and three continents

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The Journey of Oz: from Egypt to the United States

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severe weather drives need for backup power

“More Frequent and Severe” Blackouts Prompt Need for Residential Backup Power

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Electrical distributors: futureproof your business!

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Interlock Kits vs. Split Bus Panels: What’s Best for your Customers?

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Smart Homes Deliver Smart Business For Electricians

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A Unique Vision on Home Interior Design from the Industrial Design Experts

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How Residential Demand-Side Management is Helping Electric Utilities Cope with Seismic Industry Changes

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Running a Marathon or a Business? How Technology Impacts the Success of Both

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A day in the life of an EV driver

A day in the life of an Electric Vehicle Driver

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The “Green” switch after the “Earth Hour”

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Connected Home

Stay online when the power goes out. Personalized recommendations for back-up power in your home

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The Internet of Things Provides the Opportunity to Achieve Global Sustainability Now

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connectivity in a hotel room. woman with laptop

Connectivity Ecosystem marks two years of innovation amid pandemic

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Bitcoin Miners Demonstrate the Need for a Proper UPS in Home Offices

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Demand management: Strategies for building engagement with customers

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Connected Home

Have you talked to your “connected” home lately?

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Climate-friendly heating: can we keep warm without scorching the planet?

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Building Gender Equality ― a Sensible Choice for any Company

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