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Marathons and Energy Conservation: Never Underestimate the Power of the Collective Human Will

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Running a Marathon or a Business? How Technology Impacts the Success of Both

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APC Back-UPS Made my Life Easier

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Shed a Heavy Load with this Carbon Footprint Calculator

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It’s all about Running Marathons and Conserving Energy

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Bitcoin Miners Demonstrate the Need for a Proper UPS in Home Offices

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How to realize dreams of the future – today! Plan for intelligent future-safety with KNX

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IEC 60898-1 and IEC 60947-2: a tale of two standards

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Grid Parity vs. Grid Quality: The Smart Grid

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Cloud in a Box

If You’ve Got a Cloud, We’ve Got a Box For It

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Solar Decathlon: The Energy Leaders of Tomorrow

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Having your electric vehicle residential charger installed

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Optimizing your solar investment was never easier

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severe weather drives need for backup power

“More Frequent and Severe” Blackouts Prompt Need for Residential Backup Power

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Smart homes deliver smart business for electricians

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Brazilian expat on the adventure of living abroad

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From the Rocky Mountains to the French Alps

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‘Four winters in Moscow’: Offer Marketing Director shares his expat journey

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Executive ‘Global nomad’ on living in four countries and three continents

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Homes of the future must become more sustainable

Infographic: Growing importance of sustainable homes for a greener, more resilient future

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Woman using digital tablet and having a healthy breakfast in her kitchen

Smart home systems upgrade electrical safety regulation

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From the City of Fury to the City of Lights: María’s expat journey

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smart home

Why One Should go for Smart Homes – Not Only for Luxury but Also For Safety

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The Journey of Oz: from Egypt to the United States

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APC Back-UPS Made My Life Easier

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Just a Tryst, or have Americans again Fallen in Love with the Automobile?

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Lightning surge protection: two is better than one

How surge protection has evolved over the years with technology advancement

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family in the house internet of things

The Gang’s All Here: When a Homebound World Relies on the Internet for Everything

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Best Practices for Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Program Evaluation

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Smart home

Zencelo Switch for Your Modern Home

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woman working in home office design

A Design for the New Normal

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How to charge your Electric vehicle at home ?

Why invest in a home charger for your electric vehicle?

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IoT in the Real World … How Can Mobile Apps Help Us Connect?

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Wiser IRTV Reddot Design Award

The Secret of Our Award Winning Design Success

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‘Four winters in Moscow’: Offer Marketing Director shares his expat journey

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The Electrical Distribution System: A Ticking Time Bomb?

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