4 Factors in Selecting a Home Office UPS

I work in a home office, in a town where power outages are not at all unusual. Just the other day a healthy thunderstorm rolled through in the early evening and, sure enough, the lights flickered a few times. Once it was long enough to knock out the router that supplies my Internet and Wi-Fi connections. I knew immediately because I subscribe to an online music service (Rhapsody – could not love it more) and use a wireless music player to stream it throughout the house (Sonos, also wonderful). When the music stopped, I knew the router had shut down.

It came back on again in just a minute or two – no big deal, really.  But this was dinner time. Had I been at work, and if the outage had been longer, it could’ve really put a damper on my productivity for the day. My laptop would still run for a few hours, but I wouldn’t be able to use the external monitor and my VOIP-based phone service would be useless, as would Skype. And of course, I’d have no Internet connection. I’d be on a virtual island, probably trying to make do with my smart phone.

I needed to replace my old UPS, so it was with great interest that today I read a piece in a forthcoming issue of APC Currents magazine titled, “How to pick a UPS for your home office.” In short, the piece says to consider four items when choosing a UPS for home office use: sizing, runtime, management and energy efficiency, and data line surge protection.

APC has an online tool that helps with the sizing issue, enabling you to enter the load capacity of the devices you want to protect, by the type and number of devices. To do the former, you need to check out the nameplate information on each device, which typically lists its power draw in terms of watts (W) and volt-amperes (VA).

In terms of runtime, the idea is to allow enough such that your equipment can ride through at least shorter outages. And most are just that – the article says 90% of outages are less than 5 minutes. If you know you frequently have outages of a longer duration, go for a larger UPS that offers more runtime.

Management and energy efficiency is where things get interesting. Many devices in a home office aren’t really used all that much, such as printers and scanners. Yet they still draw a bit of power even when they’re in hibernate mode. Devices such as the APC by Schneider Electric Back-UPS Pro enable you to turn off such devices and eliminate these so-called “vampire loads.” And in the case the blackout outlasts the runtime of your UPS, it comes with software that will gracefully shut down applications and equipment so you don’t lose any work or data.

Finally, UPSs should also protect against data line surges.  A decent power strip will protect against AC line surges, but surges can also come through Ethernet cables, CATV links and phone lines. So you need a UPS that provides appropriate protection depending on how you connect your computer and networking devices to the Internet.

Here in New England where I live, summertime is thunderstorm season. But before long it’ll be winter, when things can really get hairy and any decent snowstorm can mean a power outage. I’ll certainly be in the market for a new UPS before then.

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      Same here— why ask me questions that are extremely basic if you are in the industry? Seems more like a scam to get you to the website…sad actually.

      By the way Dan, if you use rack mounted APCs–you can rebuild the battery trays with universal UB-1280’s at about $17 a piece–thats about 70% savings over buying the original tray

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      just another BS advertisement. When I needed a schematic for my UPS these folks wouldn’t help me despite owning 5 or 6 of their UPS backups. I can fix my own gear, I don’t want to get “credit” towards the purchase of another short lived product that beeps warnings when their circuits fail, shutting down my computer for a problem with the UPS. Don’t get me wrong, a UPS is essential, but so is good customer support. If you don’t, you could end up with another box that fills a landfill, and two batteries to recycle.

      • Jennifer Wendt

        Thank you for your feedback and I understand your concerns. Internal schematics are proprietary documents and this is the main reason they are not released publically. Many of our units also come with lifetime equipment protection policies. We do not want this policy to be negatively affected in any way, so we want to ensure units are only repaired by an APC authorized partner.
        I would also like to understand some of the issues you have had with our units. We are always looking for ways to improve our products, services and support and would appreciate the feedback.
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  2. Mark A Harper

    I have UPS ES-8’s and they have kept me online many times. I have other protection ahead of my computers but still feel safer with the units on the individual computers.

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    I agree whole heartly with everyones responses above

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    Thanks for completing my surge suppressor replacement requests.

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    Good article. Have used APC products for years and highly recommend them.

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    “I’d be on a virtual island, probably trying to make do with my smart phone.”

    WOW!! On a virtual island and no contact with the outside (real) world. Did you ever think about getting up out of your electronically over burdened office and walking outside? There are real people out there and a whole world you are missing.

    • Jennifer Wendt

      If only! Personally, I live in the digital world, working online most of my waking hours… and times have changed so drastically from when I first started as a professional. I agree… many of us have forgotten the days “pre-internet”, and take everything else for granted. Thanks for sharing Tom!

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    I learned a few things. Thank you for the quiz.

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    Because of where we live–I REALLY thought lightning was the BIG CULPRIT

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    Good brain tinkler…enjoyed refreshing my basics.

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    I use UPSs on all my computers. My electricity is pretty reliable where I live. But I still like them just in case. Especially if I am doing a BIOS or firm-ware update!

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    We sell IT Hardware, Software, and Services and ALWAYS include UPS as part of our proposed solutions. Very good article, I am definitely going to sign up for your email newsletter.

  13. John Hudson

    I have relied on APC for surge protection and back-up power for years both at my office and home. The products are good quality and when replacement parts are needed they are easily available. APC seems to be the “state of the art” in power supply protection.

    • Jennifer Wendt

      We’d love to hear more about your story, both at home and at work. I would love to put you in touch with our group here to see if we could talk more about your experience and perhaps feature this in one of our future emails? I can be reached at Thanks John!

  14. Hank Reed

    I have 3 APC units in my house. Since installing them, we have not had any issues with the pc’s that are connected and the entertainment center electronics have been protected as well.

    • Jennifer Wendt

      That’s fantastic Hank! When did you install them and did you have issues before installation?

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    I was surprised how well I did on the survey.

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    Things people should know to make there lives safer and
    More productive.

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    Appreciate you little reminder that my APC had worn out and I have yet to replace it. Thanks.

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    Good information even if I already knew it. Still good to have for “newbies” in the environment.

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      We say that every day we come to work…. It’s a great place to be and we love it here!

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    Excellent quiz. Am cetin nthe average person does not recognize all the sources of possible trouble. You fill that void.

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    I have had many home office APC backups. Unfortunately, replacing the batteries seems to be more expensive than buying a new unit. Am I entered in the iPad contest?

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    Thank you for the inormative quiz. However, do consider designing your power supplies such that the basic power on/off switch is more reliable and easier to use. Push button switches tend to stick and do not always release reliably. Toggle switches are preferable.

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    Don’t forget good Smart-UPS protection when mining Bitcoins.
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    A few years ago lightning hit our windmill, went straight down the tower, hit my phone lines, and outdoor wireless modem for internet, shot into the house and fried my phones, computer and printer. All via the ethernet and phone cable. Needless to say all may electronic equipment now it protected by many APC UPSs. Including, phone lines, ethernet, and power. Thanks for all the info.

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    BTW I’ve been buying your products for the past 15 years or so. I got good customer service when there was a recall and a good deal on an upgrade I requested.
    And recently I bought APC surge protectors for my daughter’s college dorm. Your products are well built and have been protecting all our equipment through the years.
    In fact I remember the rolling (and sudden) blackouts from the ENRON scandal – anyone else remember those? Talking about power surges! We had no equipment problems and the one surge protector we had in the house with backup batteries (UPS?) came in real handy!

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    re: “power failures occur in the data center due to human error”.
    We refer to this as “OIE”, because it occurs so frequently. Of course it means “Owner Induced Error”. Great info thanks !! Keep it up. It is always both fun and interesting to learn new things.


    So far there is no major problem. 1 year after using your UPS everything runs well. reliable product. Indeed.

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    we have dozens of smaller individual units and several large units in our facility and we routinely have to replace batteries. Be careful of cheap batteries, low cost does not always work out. Look into the manufacturer of the batteries you intend to buy as replacements.

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    Good article. I’ve used APC products for years and have had no problems with them, unlike some other brands which I will not name. I’ve mostly had power outages, but I have also seen “electrical noise” and brown-outs from time to time. For me, the primary advantage of having a UPS with surge protection is to be able to shut down gracefully in the event of a power outage. I’ve never counted on being able to continue operating for an extended period.

  42. Ginny

    Unfortunately I have had a lot of experience with power surges at my house so the questions were quite simple to me. I have learned the hard way that everything has a surge protector attached to it.

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    I had an APC for years, then moved and never purchased a new one. This has reminded me I need to get it. A most important piece of equipment!!!

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      We appreciate your business, Jacki! I’m glad these reminders helped you to reconnect with us. Feel free to reach me if you have any questions on which UPS to purchase again. Jennifer