Oil and Gas

(Part 1) Five years into the “new normal” for Oil and Gas: Six key trends that helped shape the industry

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Power System Optimization Reduces CAPEX and Improves Plant Availability

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GAME CHANGING TECH! – Shielded Solid Insulated System Medium Voltage Switchgear

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BASF_ EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

BASF gets the right data at the right time with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

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Modernizing Emergency Shutdown Systems Step 7: Pitch to Win

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Modernizing Emergency Shutdown Systems Step 6: Focus on the Benefits

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Modernizing Emergency Shutdown Systems Step 5: Define a Winning ROI

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Modernizing Emergency Shutdown Systems Step 4: Use a Risk Approach

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Modernizing Emergency Shutdown Systems Step 3: Decide When

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Downstream Evolution: National Oil Companies and US Players Going Big

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Five Reasons Why Manufacturing Executives are Embracing Industrial Transformation Programs

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Oil and gas

89% of O&G execs agree: Increasing digitization is an important investment

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A Look Ahead: What’s New for Offshore Oil and Gas UPS Solutions

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Operational Risks Justify Oil & Gas Business Continuity Planning

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Large Motor Starting 101: Discover the Constraints

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Secure Power services: why a smooth “handover” is vital to a lifecycle approach

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5 Keys to Selecting a UPS that Will Ensure Business Continuity for Critical Industrial Applications

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Achieve Operational Excellence with Enterprise Asset Performance Management

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Catch problems before they occur with predictive analytics

Reduce Maintenance Costs with the IIoT and Predictive Asset Analytics

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Variable speed drive: Back to the features

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How You Can Optimize Your Maintenance Today with the IoT

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All Motors Contribute to the Main Busbar Short-Circuit, Reality or Dream?

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5 Benefits of Digital Transformation in Chemical Manufacturing

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Playing DICE with Dr. Diesel’s Moteur to reduce CO2 Intensity

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Winning with a Straight Flush in Poker: Plant-Wide Scenario-Based Simulation Training

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Is the High Cost of Doing Business in the MMM Industry Too Heavy a Load to Carry?

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Why Falling Oil May Not Hurt Renewable Power or Climate Change

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Key Energy Stats – The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

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Commodity Excess across the Energy Complex

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Motor Management

Large Motor Starting 103: Motor Starting Methods – How to Choose the Right One

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Oil & Gas Industry Now Looks to Digitization for Fulfilling Power Stability Requirements

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Industrial UPS

Industrial UPS vs. Standard UPS: Fundamental Differences Determine Investment Strategy

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Asset Performance Management for the Midstream

How Pipeline Operators Can Reduce Unscheduled Downtime

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How Big Data and Analytics increase Production Asset Uptime in Oil Fields?

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Secure Power services: why a smooth “handover” is vital to a lifecycle approach

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Building a company greater than the sum of its parts

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