Oil and Gas

Digital Convergence of Power Management and Process Automation to Boost Oil and Gas Profitability

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Protecting Against Arc Flash

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Revolutionising Chemical Manufacturing with Digital Transformation

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(Part 2) Five years into the “new normal” for Oil and Gas: Six key trends that helped shape the industry

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(Part 1) Five years into the “new normal” for Oil and Gas: Six key trends that helped shape the industry

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Power System Optimization Reduces CAPEX and Improves Plant Availability

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GAME CHANGING TECH! – Shielded Solid Insulated System Medium Voltage Switchgear

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BASF_ EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

BASF gets the right data at the right time with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

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Modernizing Emergency Shutdown Systems Step 7: Pitch to Win

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Modernizing Emergency Shutdown Systems Step 6: Focus on the Benefits

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Modernizing Emergency Shutdown Systems Step 5: Define a Winning ROI

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Modernizing Emergency Shutdown Systems Step 4: Use a Risk Approach

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HMI, Alarms and Standards

HMI and Alarm Standards and Best Practices – Impact on Operator Performance and Operations Excellence

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Putting a New Face on the Industrial UPS Market: Faster Delivery, Lower Cost, Smaller Footprint

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Maintenance Maturity Pyramid

Transform Big Data to Actionable Insights with Enterprise Data Management

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An e-House Substation that Ushers in New Technology and Rethinks Standards

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Static or Rotary UPS: Which is Best for Your Application?

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Secure Power Beyond the Data Center

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How to Provide IIoT Power Protection in an Industrial Internet of Things Environment

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Condition-based Maintenance is a MUST for Electrical Distribution Infrastructure

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WEBCAST: Pinpoints Key Facts about the Secure Power Opportunity

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energy efficiency

Services Oriented Drives Adapt to All Requirements and Specifications

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Operational Risks Justify Oil & Gas Business Continuity Planning

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Secure Power services: why a smooth “handover” is vital to a lifecycle approach

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100 years of catastrophic accidents leads to a safer Process Industry

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Catch problems before they occur with predictive analytics

Reduce Maintenance Costs with the IIoT and Predictive Asset Analytics

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What does Operational Excellence mean to you?

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Powering the New Energy World

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Digitalization in Oil & Gas: Where is the Business Value?

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Industrial UPS

Application needs in sectors including oil & gas set industrial UPS apart

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Increased efficiency from multiple user access to a single simulation

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Hot or Cold; Humid or Dry; Dust or Salt; Prefabricated Data Centers Can Handle Harsh Environments

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“Arc Flash” vs. “Internal Arc Resistance” – A tale of two terms

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Winterizing Your Energy Management Strategy

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Summarizing an Asset Reliability Strategy for Midstream Pipeline Operators

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Winning with a Straight Flush in Poker: Plant-Wide Scenario-Based Simulation Training

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