Oil and Gas

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How Digitalization of Process Design and Operations boosts Profitability in Ethylene production

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Discover the Future of Digital Transformation

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Best practices for preventing pipeline leaks

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IIoT in Oil and Gas Refinery

IIoT: Turn Real-Time Data Collection into Increased Efficiency and Profitability for Your Refinery

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Building smarter pumping systems with automation

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Industrie 4.0 Digital 360° View

Defining 5 Terms to Demystify Digital Transformation

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Digital Operations Management

How Digital Operations Management Improves Profitability in this Challenging Oil and Gas Environment

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Digital Refinery Operations

IIoT: Acting on All Big Data

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pipeline operator training simulator (OTS)

5 questions to ask about generic pipeline operator qualification (OQ)

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Scheduling and Operations Closing Gap

Why Closing the Gap Between Scheduling and Operations is a Value Booster

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Are you Seizing all the Digital Opportunities in your Oil and Gas Downstream Operations to Improve Profits?

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IIoT in Oil and Gas Refining

Why IIoT in Refineries Now?

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BASF_ EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

BASF gets the right data at the right time with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

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US Auto Sales and Gasoline Demand

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How Big Data and Analytics increase Production Asset Uptime in Oil Fields?

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Strategic Implementation of IIoT in Refineries

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Have Gasoline Futures Reached a Bottom?

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The Year Ahead in Enterprise APM

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Pipeline Energy Management Doesn’t Require Continuous Equipment Investment

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You Have Options to Save Pipeline Energy Costs Today and Sustain your Energy Management Strategy

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Five Ways Digitization Can Optimize Your Company’s Profitability

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If you’re in the market for a SCADA solution, read this first

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Consumer Behavior and US Gasoline Demand

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Production Optimization in Upstream Oil and Gas

How Digitalization of Production Allocation Maximizes Throughput in Oil Fields

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Smart Connected Pipeline – Setting the Standard for Success for the Oil & Gas Industry

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How Convergence of Power & Process Management Systems Benefits the Oil & Gas Industry

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How You Can Optimize Your Maintenance Today with the IoT

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How “Smart Manufacturing” Opens Doors to Improved Plant Productivity

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Higher Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) in Oil & Gas Downstream Operations Part 3: Increasing Revenue

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Reviewing California’s Low Carbon Standard

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Global Oil Prices Pressured as Geopolitical Concerns Ease

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US Gasoline Demand Pops as Retail Prices Break below $3 Gallon

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FLEX Automation project execution

FLEX: A Framework to Help Cut Costs and Increase Speed in Industrial Project Delivery

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Summer Hope Dashed as Gasoline Supply Swamps Market

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The market was gloomy in 2016, but OPEC cut provides some hope in 2017

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Computational Pipeline Monitoring for Gas Pipelines

How are you minimizing risk throughout the three phases of pipeline integrity?

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