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The Innovation Game in Which Industry Scores Big: Part 2

Part 2: The wonder of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Last week, I mentioned that Schneider Electric’s open innovation playing field is not unlike soccer – a sport I loved growing up. Since soccer is a team sport, it’s not whether any one person scores; instead, strategic teamwork is essential. For example, we’re currently collaborating with Halliburton to transform upstream decision-making. Open innovation makes us a better team that can make products and solutions faster, better, and cheaper.

Open innovation had led to game-changing industrial IoT advancements. Leveraging sensing, mobility, cloud, analytics, and security has enabled us to take IIoT to a new level with EcoStruxure for Industry. In turn, our Oil & Gas customers now can make huge leaps toward:

  • increased operational and energy efficiency;
  • better asset performance and reliability;
  • best-in-class safety;
  • lower CAPEX and OPEX, and
  • increased cyber security.

Oil & Gas should take note of three specific Industrial IoT advancements, each of which is enabled by augmented reality …

Augmented Operator: speed and responsiveness

Until recently, the lack of real-time visibility in large Oil & Gas plants has been a limitation. You may have old manuals and diagrams or a tendency to sense temperature by gut feel or a knack at making your best guess as to what’s really happening inside a pump. With Schneider Electric’s Augmented Operator, operators can “see” what really is happening in real-time and in situational context. We have helped TransCanada, for example, ensure safe and efficient pipeline operations through high-fidelity leak detection.

Thanks to connectivity and mobility from smartphones and tablets, augmented overlays give operators the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. With such speed and responsiveness, plants are much safer and more productive. Being fast on your feet and agile gets you closer down the field to the goal, upping your team’s chances of scoring on today’s competitive playing field. You don’t have to be an engineer to see how thrilling this innovation is!

Augmented Assets: durability and endurance

We all know what a substantial investment each Oil & Gas asset requires. So you want to ensure that each asset is durable and functioning well at all times to avoid incredibly expensive unplanned downtime. You know the historical challenges of asset failure, which was especially difficult to solve in remote situations. Our cloud-based Asset Performance Management Service gives companies a secure way to see assets in immersive 3D reality. Predictive analytics and condition management tools let you predict failure long before it results in downtime. Adma Opco in Abu Dhabi, for instance, uses our Asset Operation System with advanced condition monitoring for efficient production. We can even send parts before you know a potential problem is brewing. Augmented assets bring availability up to 99.9% while also allowing companies to avoid a “rip and replace” approach. Soccer games require endurance for nearly continuous play; your plants do, too. Healthy, durable assets ensure they perform well now and in the future.

Augmented Control: visibility and strategy

Control systems for Oil & Gas operators are not new. Local control has enabled operators to respond to mission-critical events. Now, Augmented Control gives you holistic visibility and the ability to make business-driven decisions on the spot. Our Foxboro Evo system lets you connect real-time and runtime control systems to field devices, collect data from their sensors, analyze the current conditions against goals and past performance, and make autonomous or user-operated control decisions to optimize processes. To me, this is equivalent to being able to see the big-picture view of the soccer field, anticipating the other team’s moves before they happen. Anticipate, read the play, and act with the right move — quickly.

Score a competitive edge

On today’s Industrial IoT innovation playing field, intelligence crowns speed and agility, durability and endurance, and visibility and strategy. EcoStruxure for Oil & Gas is the smart game changer. It helps drive productivity and safety for some of the world’s largest oil companies, including Chevron, USA. And rest assured that we’ll be on your team at every level as we continue to push our R&D strategy and efforts.

I can’t disclose what’s on the horizon, of course, but you can expect next-generation automation advancements. We’ve assembled a formidable team. We’re collaborating with a major global oil company, for instance, and with some of the large IT companies and startups to deliver a breakthrough as disruptive as Iceland’s incredible showing at last year’s EURO!

Stay tuned for more as these innovations develop. For now, you can learn more in our “IIoT’s impact on the Oil & Gas value chain” white paper and  keep up with our innovation plays here.

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