Machine and Process Management

Maintaining industrial productivity can be costly without a good roadmap

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Avoiding cyber attacks: An inside look at industrial security fundamentals

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Are you ALERT or just waiting dear M2M machine

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Situational awareness: Man vs Machine

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Shortening preparation time and reducing downtime in the pasteurization/sterilization process by optimizing control loop design

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Technology and digitization: our industry lost a battle, but how do we win the war ?

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Grow Grow Grow !

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Managing the unknown

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Optimizing the manufacturing “clean-in-place” processes can result in big savings and help ensure food safety

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Schneider Electric’s Acquisition of Invensys and what it means for our System Integrator Alliance Partners

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Building a company greater than the sum of its parts

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Integration of secure power into the management system is the end goal

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Why Advanced Connectivity Controllers are Helping OEMs to Unlock the Power of Big Data

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Why Assuring Machine Safety Has Suddenly Gotten Easier for Machine Builders

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Industrial management and efficiency with the most widely used tools

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Predictive Analytics Pilots That Work

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IIoT in Oil and Gas Refining

How Manufacturing Sector is Shedding its Weight with New-Age Industrial Tools

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How Digitized Oil and Gas Asset Management is Improving Productivity and Lowering Costs

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HMI and its implications in advanced process controls

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Electrical motors and their modern day role in industries

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AC/DC: Is the Digital Transformation Music to the Ears of the Steel Industry?

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As Manufacturers Retool for the Industrial IoT, Machine Builders Can Help by Integrating Industrial UPSs 

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New Collaboration Opportunity Bringing Together Digital Innovators and Experts

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How to get on the road to Smart Machines: The ABC’s of control interface ergonomics

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