Machine and Process Management

The next BIG THING for Industrial Energy Management is BIG DATA: Get Ready!

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Technology evolution: from relays and wires everywhere to smart motor starters

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(Moore) Lawbreaking – In a P.E.R.F.E.C.T. way !

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Protective Gear for Workers: Does your facility meet labeling requirements?

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Englebart and Bose As We Might Think and hear Mr Mouse..

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IT / OT Convergence Part 2 – Realizing the benefits of a connected enterprise

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Lunch with Dick Morley and some Automation Talk

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In the “efficiency economy,” digitization changes everything

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The fusion of two cultures…Information and Operational Technology convergence

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How to keep facilities running at top of their game with baby boomers retiring

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Cyber attack – a clear and present danger

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5 Steps to transition from “Facilities” Energy Management to “Industrial Process” Energy Management

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Balancing Act: Regulation and Incentives in Cybersecurity

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Plastic or Metal: What’s Driving the Choice of Pushbutton Materials?

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HMI and its implications in advanced process controls

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SCADA and IoT in Water and Wastewater, and the Electric Car?

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How Manufacturing can Harness Digital Innovation and Reap the Benefits of Growth

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Control Panel Developers and Installers: Personifying EcoStruxure Everyday

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Electrical motors and their modern day role in industries

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Regain Control of your Consumer Product Data – Part I

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Embarking on the Digitization Journey in Mining: Think Strategy First, Technology Second

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Star Trek and the Digital Transformation in Mining. What do they have in common? A lot, it turns out!

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Machine Builder Digitization: A Turning Point for Competitive Advantage

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How to get on the road to Smart Machines: The ABC’s of control interface ergonomics

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