Machine and Process Management

Is product data the new oil in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry?

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Key Technology Trends for 2020

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Discover a Community of Experts Opening the Path to Digital Transformation

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industrial edge dairy machines

A New Requirement for Machine Builders: Industrial Edge Data Centers

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Sustainability is not a Dirty Word in Oil and Gas Anymore – Improving Sustainability through Digitization

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Integrated power and process systems help in improving human capital

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Human Machine Interface (HMI): a comprehensive solution for bridging the IT/OT divide

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Paradigm shift in Oil and Gas industry

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The future of manufacturing: How Schneider and Microsoft are partnering to address the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence

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Process Energy Optimization – Improving Bottom Line and Sustainability

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Ask the Experts: How to accelerate your digital journey thanks to a unique industry partnership

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In product data, we trust: the need for a “centralized digital version of the truth” for packaged products

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IEC 62443 Security Assurance Levels Explained

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How smart technology is transforming the industrial world

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The “Internet of Things” and Automation

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Five Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in your Process

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IIoT Technology

Six IIoT Technology Trends to Watch in 2017

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Digitization Helps Machine Builder Reinvent Their “Business Model” to Bring Sustainable Energy to the World

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The promise of the Industrial Internet of Things

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The Flatter, the Better: The Origins of Flush Aesthetics in Machinery

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GUEST POST: Trends in the wireless automation market – Part 2

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HMI, Alarms and Standards

HMI and Alarm Standards and Best Practices – Impact on Operator Performance and Operations Excellence

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A formal introduction… Process Optimization, meet Energy Optimization in Cement Manufacturing

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Water Use Cycle: As critical as Water Cycle itself

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