CiscoLive! a Look Back

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As the sun sets on this year’s CiscoLive! event, we wanted to give you just one more look back on some of the more notable happenings. Below is our look back, including a short video featuring interviews for first hand insight on Schneider Electric’s participation at the event.

“Nothing is future proof but with leadership and values like this it is as close as you can be,” said Cisco CEO, John Chambers in his keynote presentation. Cisco’s innovation, technology trends, and market transitions were what attendees came to see, and Cisco delivered. Chief Demo Officer Jim Grubb gave us a demonstration of Cisco’s new open source protocol Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) which allowed users to move their internet enabled devices from network to network without losing connections. One conference attendee said this protocol may be as important as DSN.

In Wednesday’s Keynote, Cisco’s Chief Technology Office Padmasre Warrior talkded about the promise in what she calls OpenX, the combination of open source platforms: open stack, open flow, or open application program interfaces (API’s). The internet will double in size every 5.32 years, video will be 86% of all IP traffic by 2016, and the convergence of video and mobile will be 2/3rds of mobile traffic by 2015. Christopher Young, Cisco’s SVP of Security & Government Group spoke about the importance of secure networks while freeing them up to allow people to use their own devices on the network to increase productivity. Praveen Akkiraju, Cisco’s SVP/GM showed attendees how Cisco is using Cloud solutions to ensure a quality connection with low latency no matter where in the world the individual may be.

Thursday’s closing keynote was a casual discussion from Mythbuster’s Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman that cultivated the audience’s understanding in partnerships, productivity, and innovative thinking. From their differences in personality to their similarities in being life long learners they encouraged collaborative thinking. Of course there were also explosions. No matter what was shown at CisoLive! US this past week we see huge trends towards the Cloud, increased mobility, and rich media driven by video and the push to deliver network connections that ensure great user experience. The internet of things for a hyper-connected world is what you make possible.

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