From Newcomer to AI Leader : My Journey at Schneider Electric

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Hello, everyone! I’m Prafful Namdev, a Team Lead at Schneider Electric. Let me introduce myself and share my exciting journey in the world of AI.

A New Frontier in AI

In November 2021, I embarked on a new and exciting chapter in my professional journey by joining Schneider Electric. This transition marked a significant milestone in my career, signifying a shift from my familiar realm of traditional application development to the unexplored territory of artificial intelligence.

While I had honed a strong background in traditional application development over the years, the world of AI presented an exhilarating challenge that I was eager to delve into. Joining Schneider Electric provided me with the ideal platform and environment to not only embrace this thrilling field but also to push the boundaries of my knowledge and expertise.

Learning by Doing

Schneider Electric’s dedication to ongoing learning really connects with me. Being part of the AI team has given me the opportunity to observe the entire lifecycle of AI solutions, from development to deployment. Additionally, as a member of the AI hub, I have access to Coursera to further develop my skills on top of the certifications and offerings from the Data & AI School. I truly feel supported in enhancing both my daily skills and my overall career growth.

Technology: Driving Progress

In today’s world, technology is the backbone of success. Schneider Electric leads the charge by harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT) to create solutions like the EcoStruxure platform. This platform empowers customers to optimise energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint—an achievement benefiting both businesses and the environment. With sustainability as its core focus, Schneider Electric continually develops AI solutions to enhance customer experiences.

A Supportive Environment

Schneider Electric understands the importance of work-life balance. Our flexible work culture, coupled with wellness programs, supports employee well-being. Collaboration and teamwork thrive in my team, where everyone has access to the resources needed for success. Additionally, Schneider Electric offers professional learning courses to keep employees abreast of the latest trends and technologies.

Looking Ahead

My journey at Schneider Electric has been one of continuous growth and learning. I’m excited to see what the future holds as AI continues to revolutionise the world around us. If you’re passionate about technology and making a real impact, Schneider Electric could be the place for you!

About the Author:

Prafful Namdev is an Expert Software Engineer-AI focusing on the Engineering Area of AI use-cases under Internal Offers of AIHUB. He currently works in Bangalore. He joined Schneider Electric in mid-Nov 2021 and has around 13+ years of experience working in the software industry in core software development. Prafful endeavors to add values, efficiencies, and intelligence in software for different lines of businesses of Schneider with AI and bring about multiple benefits with cutting edge AI technologies to various stakeholders. Beyond work, Prafful spends time in temples to search for inner peace and play with his one-year-old daughter.

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