Inclusion Brings Us Closer

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June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate the vibrant diversity of the LGBT+ community. At Schneider Electric, we recognize the importance of inclusion and creating a workplace where everyone feels empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. And this month, we’re spotlighting the voices of our incredible LGBT+ employees.

So get ready to be inspired by their stories! We’ll explore what it means to be their authentic selves at Schneider Electric, the power of allyship, and how fostering an inclusive environment benefits all.

Join us on this journey as we celebrate the power of diversity, build stronger communities, and learn from each other. Together, we can create a work environment where everyone feels seen, valued, and empowered to thrive.

Every morning, the perspective to start working or interacting with my teams and the overall people I work with, it comes always with this sense of freedom, safety, home feeling… where I can be who I am, I can be playful with my sense of humor without being judged or questioned, I feel respected and encouraged to be myself. This is the real sense of belonging to who I am and to whom I am contributing. 

The boundaries between work and personal life have become thinner not to overstep or misunderstood the difference between both dimensions, but yes to understand better the people and human beings that we are connected on a daily basis, to promote empathy and to create and environment that is healthy and respectful at all levels. 

I am proud to be a part of Schneider because of this – I feel understood and respected, and this brings out the best of me to help and contribute to others. 

This is the real IMPACT, the inclusion that we generate for all and for the generations to come. It is our mutual responsibility to make it sustainable and long lasting , and make it transcendent to our current and future society. 

Thank you Schneider Electric from the bottom of my heart, for encouraging to be myself.

Miquel S. A.

The opportunity to work as Communication Lead for the PRIDE Month Campaign in 2023 has changed my perspective and improved my understanding of the challenges people face everyday, even though I thought I knew them…​

Fear of being excluded, not accepted, or discriminated just because of who you are, is the opposite of my values, because what I want for all of us is to be our true selves, everywhere, anytime, and in every community. No matter where you are now reading this, if you think what you can do more, your commitment should extend beyond words; vote in your local elections for candidates who are willing to show up for the LGBT+, speak up on their behalf beyond only “comfortable spaces”, and make sure you are using inclusive language.​

Working for Schneider makes me proud! My company is a safe space for everyone, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance, driven by the Inclusion value. ​

I am honored to be an ally and advocate for the LGBT+ community, and I will forever remember a day when one of our #SEGreatPeople invited me to join her and her wife for the PRIDE Parade we had in Warsaw. This was a day I realized someone trusted me more than I expected.

Matylda W. R.

Should I tell you about my wedding day? Why not!​

I never dreamed of my wedding day, yet it turned out to be dreamlike. Our hearts swelled with love, our eyes filled with tears, and the widest smiles were drawn on our faces. We were fortunate and grateful to celebrate with family and friends from every chapter of our lives, from all corners of the globe, their eyes sparkling with joy. ​

The ceremony was very moving, we exchanged vows and thanked our parents, to whom we owe so much, and who helped shape us into who we are today. ​

“Love is love” they say, and it takes little witnessing to believe! I can only wish for more weddings like ours, for those couples, their friends and families, and for anyone witnessing. It did take some courage to celebrate openly, but one can learn to be brave, and it is very much worth it!​

At Schneider Electric, Inclusion is authentic, and we are safe, so dare to be brave until the last speck of fear fades away for you and for all!

Fernando K.

Growing up in Medford, Oregon, diversity was scarce, and transgender representation was virtually non-existent. It was a town of limited openness and divergent political views. Despite this, my love for fashion and self-expression began early. At the age of 12, participating in a fashion show was a pivotal moment that revealed my true self and aspirations. ​

Challenges arose when my personal beliefs clashed with societal norms. My mother’s disapproval led to years of concealing my true identity, even discarding my cherished clothes in a bid to conform. Joining the military, a platform for self-growth and resilience, brought forth similar struggles of acceptance. ​

The passing of my father and the subsequent revelation of his unconditional love offered a glimmer of hope. At 33, I made the courageous decision to embrace my authentic self, inspired by my unwavering friend, Jennifer, after whom I chose my name. Now, I dedicate myself to supporting LGBTQ events and giving back to the community, advocating for self-confidence and acceptance. ​

Embracing my true self led me to seek a career that embraces diversity and supports personal journeys. Starting my engineering journey at Schneider Electric has been transformative. Their inclusive and supportive environment has truly made a difference, providing a healthy space for my transition and my career growth. ​

As I prepare for an upcoming surgery, I am reminded that challenges persist, and misconceptions abound. However, I remain resolute in my journey, committed to fostering understanding and acceptance. 

Jennifer D.

This is me a 38 years old man, who was in a relationship for 17 years with a woman, loving father of 3 BEAUTIFUL children and now after my divorce I decided to understand who really I am and truly honor, respect and love who I am, so in this journey I can now identify myself as a Bisexual, yes I was scare to admit it and more terrified to open to these 3 who are the most important persons in my life, but you know I was amazed of how opened to this they were and its when I understood that my sexuality does not define me as a person, I´m a good person a responsible parent and the must important, being opened helped my 13 years old child to come out as a transgender boy, last year was our first year marching together.

Christian A.

At Schneider Electric, we value respect as the foundation of collaboration and innovation. Learn more about our commitments here.

Our Diversity Equity and Inclusion ambition thrives in conjunction with our IMPACT Values. They represent the foundation of our culture and guide our actions every day.​

Inclusion is the I in our IMPACT Values: We embrace diverse perspectives, co-creating a place where everyone belongs and thrives.​

Teamwork is the T in our IMPACT Values: We achieve together with our teams, collaborating with trust and openness.​

Together, they create the foundation of belonging on which we will build the most Inclusive and Caring company in the world.​

And if you’re looking for a career where you can be your authentic self and contribute to a world of progress, then explore our careers page! We’re always searching for talented individuals who share our values of inclusion and care.

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