Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month: Honoring the rich tapestry of the APN Community

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In the spirit of diversity and inclusivity, Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month stands as a significant occasion to celebrate and acknowledge the rich heritage of the Asian Pacific and Pacific Islander (APN) community. This month-long observance provides a platform to honor the diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions of people with roots in the vast and vibrant region. Understanding the importance of AAPI Heritage Month involves recognizing the unique narratives that make up the tapestry of the APN community and highlighting the need for collective celebration and recognition.

Elevating AAPI voices

Schneider Electric’s Employee Resource Networks (ERNs) play an essential role in our Diversity & Inclusion strategy. Over the past several years, these employee-led networks have fostered education and awareness surrounding minority and diversity communities, while supporting company and local DEI efforts.

Schneider Electric’s Asian Professional Employee Resource Network (APN ERN)’s mission is to create a workplace where AAPI employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. We strive to actively listen to their experiences, champion their achievements, and cultivate a culture of understanding and allyship. Through education, engagement, and advocacy, we aim to raise awareness of AAPI history, challenges, and triumphs, while promoting cultural sensitivity and respect.

By embracing the unique perspectives and talents of our AAPI colleagues, we enrich our collective knowledge, drive innovation, and strengthen the fabric of our global community. Our commitment is integral to our vision of a workplace that reflects the richness and diversity of the world we serve.  Furthermore, our purpose is to foster an inclusive, supportive, and empowering environment for employees of Asian American and Pacific Islander descent, as well as allies who share our commitment to diversity and equity.

Our objectives:

  • Cultural Celebration and Awareness
  • Professional Development and Mentorship
  • Advocacy and Allyship
  • Community Engagement and Outreach
  • Support and Well-Being

Recognizing contributions of the APN community

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month is not just about acknowledging cultural diversity; it’s also about recognizing the significant contributions of the APN community to various aspects of society. From science and technology to arts and literature, individuals of APN descent have made substantial contributions that have shaped and enriched the global landscape. By highlighting these achievements, we not only celebrate the accomplishments of the APN community but also inspire future generations to strive for excellence.

Celebrating our employees

Our #SEGreatPeople are the driving force behind Schneider Electric’s excellence. We take great pride in highlighting the outstanding members of the APN ERN. Read more about our APN members and their experiences below.

Christine Park, Business Development Manager, US Power Products

Christine Park, Business Development Manager, US Power Products

Christine is a Channel Business Development Manager with nearly 10 years of professional experience. She adeptly collaborates with various channels to cultivate business opportunities and drive growth.

Prior to her tenure at Schneider Electric, Christine took a career hiatus to prioritize her family responsibilities. Upon reentering the workforce, she utilized this period to refine essential skills such as time management, multitasking, and patience, all of which have contributed to her enhanced professional capabilities.

Trina Baclig, Client Manager

Trina Baclig, Client Manager

Trina Baclis works as a Client Manager, where she closely works with sales, third party vendors, scheduling and other business units to ensure services are executed seamlessly, thus guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Trina is an eMentor, participating in the STEM eMentoring program. She is also a LEAN Practitioner, having completed the program in 2023. In addition, Trina is a committee member for the Women in Services ERN, helping to organize events. If you’re looking to socialize on Friday mornings, be sure to ask her about Caffeine & Connections. Trina has also lent her “voice” in the SE Internal Voice Over Library so you may have unknowingly heard her if you have listened to any SE internal podcasts or joined live events.

Simi Ambika, Sr. Product Configuration Engineer

Simi Ambika, Sr. Product Configuration Engineer

Simi Ambika works as a Sr. Product Configuration Engineer. Simi designs and creates best-in-class Product Selector solutions for Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (LVMCC), ensuring reliable, user-friendly selector experience for the internal and external customers.

Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Simi provided technical training to Post graduate students of Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), India. Training was not limited to Digital Electronics, Printed Circuit Boards & Power Electronics.

Ding Han, Solution Architect

Ding Han, Solution Architect

Ding Han works as a Solutions Architect. Ding designs and creates best-in-class technical microgrid solutions for Commercial/Industrial (C&I) customers, ensuring reliable energy supply and achieving sustainability, through innovative Energy-as-a-Service approach.

Prior to joining Schneider Electric / AlphaStruxure, Ding led a US-China-Japan Joint Venture team, provided hands-on guidance spanning across deal origination, technical diligence, system design, project review, contract negotiation on high-profile utility-scale energy projects.

Dean La, Area Sales Manager, Prosumer

Dean La, Area Sales Manager, Prosumer

Dean La works in the Prosumer Division of Schneider Electric, which focuses on accelerating the new energy landscape by reducing friction at every step of the journey – from education and engagement, purchasing, installation, management and maintenance. As an Area Sales Manager, he is helping lead the launch of Schneider Home in California.

In his experience at Schneider Electric spanning over 9 years, Dean started in the Secure Power Sales Development Program and quickly accelerated to hold positions in leadership and field sales. Dean is involved with a variety of ERNs and enjoys focusing on engagement that drives IMPACT and enables our resources to better serve our diverse community.

Alejandro Fung, Inside Sales Manager

Alejandro Fung, Inside Sales Manager

Alejandro Fung works as a Inside Sales Manager at Schneider Electric and leads a team of Impact Makers that support the U.S. Sales team for Process Automation.

As a manager and as the leader of the career development leader for the APN ERN, Alejandro is committed to further advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging with impactful initiatives and access to valuable resources to all AAPI colleagues and allies.

Dr. Nina S. Russell, Services Project Manager

Dr. Nina S. Russell, Services Project Manager

Dr. Nina S Russell works as a Services Project Manager. Her passion lies in educating, empowering, and coaching individuals to unlock their full potential, all while nurturing inclusive environments and a profound sense of belonging within the workplace. She’s a staunch advocate for mental health and as a military spouse herself extends unwavering support to the military and veterans community.

Nina’s participation in the Asian Professional Network is important to her to increase awareness, promote cultural understanding, dispel stereotypes that may exist about the APN community, and most importantly to advance, amplify, and elevate the voices of all AAPI colleagues and allies.

Embracing Intersectionality

At Schneider Electric we strive for to be a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization. The APN community is not homogenous, and it intersects with various other identities, including, gender, sexual orientation and economic status. The celebration of AAPI Heritage month encourages a broader conversation that takes into account the intersectionality with in the AAPI community. It is also a time to celebrate the rich heritage, diverse cultures, and significant contribution of the AAPI community.  By fostering a cultural understanding, addressing challenges, and embracing intersectionality, we not only honor the past but also lay the foundation for a more inclusive and harmonious organizations. As we continue to celebrate this month, let us remember and recognize the beauty that stems from diversity and the strength that comes from unity.

About the authors

This blog was co-authored by Dr. Nina S Russell and Alejandro Fung, MBA.

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