Six Years of Challenges and Rewards: A Schneider Electric Alumni Journey

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It has been 16 years since I left Schneider Electric and here I am, writing this blog with Schneider after all these years, but now as part of the Alumni Network. I guess some connections are not that easy to break!

6 years of constant changes and excitement

My journey with Schneider began in 2002 and continued until 2008. It was an exciting period, and I have many fond memories of the experiences and challenges I encountered.

I joined Schneider as a Nordic Baltic Group Controller. At that time there were about 60 plus legal entities in the Nordic and the Baltic zone, and the head office was transitioning from one city in Sweden to another and eventually to Denmark due to changes in leadership. Those changes have influenced a lot my work since I was managing insurances and cashflow, and even simplification of the legal structure, a task that I found particularly rewarding. During my 6 years in the company there were always new challenges and opportunities for me.

In my final year at Schneider, I took on the responsibility of the employee stock program, which involved addressing numerous legal, finance, and tax issues. I worked alongside a team of 3 controllers, supporting the CFO of the Nordic Baltics. My experiences were diverse, and I had the chance to visit different Schneider Electric sites in Denmark, Poland, and France.

Traveling can provide valuable insights and for me that offered numerous benefits for personal and professional development, it has broadened my cultural understanding, enhanced my adaptability, and fostered my global awareness. Additionally, it provided me opportunities to build a global network, develop problem-solving skills, and gain diverse perspectives.  This international culture that Schneider has, where you have an opportunity to work with people from different countries, is truly remarkable.  It fosters an open and inclusive work environment, where everyone feels valued and respected and enjoys being part of the positive workplace culture.

My journey after Schneider

After six years with Schneider, and with the arrival of two wonderful additions to my family, I started contemplating my next career move. I had an option to work as a CFO for one of our operational entities in Sweden or to relocated to the HQ in Rueil Malmaison but I realized it wasn’t aligned with my personal circumstances. This led me to accept an offer from another company which was Phillips. That was the next step of the career path that has led me to my current role as a Group CFO at Arelion.

Why have I joined Schneider Alumni Network?

Today, as a member of the Schneider Electric Alumni Network, I value the sense of the community and the opportunity to stay connected. Despite moving on to new opportunities, Schneider had a significant role in my career. Also, sometimes I can be a bit nostalgic to the good old things, for example I still use only Philips toothbrush, even though I have left the company many years ago, so when the chance to reconnect to Schneider popped up, I had to take it! I see the Alumni Network as an initiative that creates opportunities for future collaborations and endeavors. It’s a great way to maintain relationships, share knowledge, and stay updated on the latest developments in the industry. Plus, for me it provides a sense of community and support beyond your current workplace.

The importance of keeping connections

As I look ahead, I am considering the possibility of serving as a board member for a company that has ties with Schneider Electric, thus I truly understand the significance of maintaining an open and active network. With the network growing further I see that for the members it can be a valuable source of industry-specific advice, job leads, and a platform for sharing and receiving professional insights. And of course, it is so nice to see people, that you have not seen in years, like for example when I was attending Alumni breakfast in Stockholm office, I met my colleague Svetlana after about sixteen years ago and that was super exciting!

I really enjoy the network with the blend of digital and physical events and really want it to grow more, thus, if you, the reader, is a Schneider Electric Alumni, I invite you to join the Network right away, so we can see together how the network evolves in the future!

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Sophie Reinius

Sophie is a Schneider Electric alumni who was managing insurances, cashflow, and even simplified the legal structure – a task she found particularly rewarding. During her 6 years at Schneider, there were always new challenges and opportunities for her.

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