Embarking on the Career Odyssey: New Graduates Share Their Journey Vol. 2

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Join me as I unravel my career journey, from the hurdles of job hunting to the moment I found my home at Schneider Electric Japan. I invite you to discover how the Schneider Graduate Program not only shaped my professional growth, but also provided a supportive environment for me to thrive and contribute meaningfully. 

If you’re considering a career at Schneider Electric Japan, let my experience guide you and inspire your next steps. Together, let’s embark on a journey filled with learning, growth, and impactful opportunities. Your story begins here. 

How I First Encountered Schneider Electric  

I encountered Schneider Electric quite unexpectedly through a scout mail from CFN (an online job platform). As a student who primarily focused on liberal arts studies, Schneider Electric, a company impacting the world through industrial automation and energy management, seemed like a distant industry. However, after receiving a scout mail from the TA team, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Schneider’s business is centered around sustainability, aligning with my values and expectations to contribute and impact society. And so, our story begins. 

Applying to Schneider Electric

After I received the scout email, I learned that the Schneider Graduate Program had four different tracks that I could choose from. At the time, I had chosen the HR course, which I felt was best aligned with my background. Each interview presented a unique challenge, as I met outstanding students who were fluent in both Japanese and English and had experience in HR and leadership. Additionally, the way the talent acquisition team conducted the interviews left a lasting impression on me, providing valuable learning experiences throughout the various stages of interviews. At the final stages, I had the chance to present on becoming an HR professional, which prompted me to delve deeply into this question and discuss with my friends. Some of the answers still resonate with me today and I can feel that I am embodying who I once imagined would be an outstanding HR professional. 

Adapting After Joining the Company

Adapting to a full-time role meant much more than just adjusting to a new company; it also involved acclimating to a new city and stage in my life journey. As someone that was based in Tokyo, I had to start my brand-new journey in Osaka. The beginning was challenging, but thanks to the wonderful support from my team and everyone at the Osaka office, I had a smooth and welcoming onboarding experience. I also had many opportunities to connect with other SGPs through learning sessions, New Year’s parties, and online catch ups: creating lasting, and sweet memories. Additionally, I even had the chance to meet with SGPs from outside of Japan, which was very motivating.  

I am proud to say that we started a new hire lunch group in Osaka, which has become an open community of employees, a community where I truly feel like I belong.  

Turn Ambition into Action 

Be part of our mission to connect advancement and sustainability for everyone through automation, electrification, and digitalization. Step into the role of an impact maker at Schneider Electric! Explore our careers website for further details and available opportunities.

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Jiaqi Wang, Junior HR Business Partner

Jiaqi is from Shenyang, China, a city with a rich history and beautiful winters. She studied history at Fudan University and ethics at Ochanomizu University. It has been six years since Jiaqi arrived in Japan, and she joined Schneider in October 2022. Currently, she is in her final rotation as a junior HRBP, focusing on learning, employee life cycle management, and company culture.  

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