Teamwork is in our DNA at Schneider Electric

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I have always been an outgoing person and open to meeting new people. I’ve always been curious about people’s story – their personality, culture, ambitions, and interests. I believe that the diversity that characterizes each of us is a source to be valued.

My journey so far

A bit about me to start: energetic, dynamic and responsible, with a sense of humor. Always ready for new challenges and curious to learn new things. I’m passionate about theatre, travels, books and pizza. In my academic career I tried to combine my interests and my values by learning new languages to be able to communicate with people all over the world and discover new cultures and new places; by studying international relations since I’ve always been fascinated by geopolitics and diplomacy; by exploring environmental economics to better understand climate change and the challenges we face. Academic experiences such as cultural exchanges and Erasmus+ and professional ones such as the Internship at the permanent mission of Italy to the UN but also event and entertainment management had been part of my personal growth and helped me to develop different skills. But most importantly, these experiences had been an occasion to connect with people from all over the world. 

Within Schneider, I found company that shares my values 

As an EcoStruxure Technology Advisor in Schneider Electric now, I support companies in their digital and energy transformation by presenting our EcoStruxure solutions that better answer to the client’s needs. Moreover, I organize and participate in events in collaboration with the local industrial association, representing Schneider Electric. I’m lucky because I have the chance to work in Florence but I also travel around the city and Siena so I can enjoy the magnificent landscape that Tuscany offers.  

When I graduated, I looked for a company that shared my values. Not only environmental but also, and above all, social ones, where I could share ideas and activities in synergy within a team.   

Career and skill development

I started my experience in Schneider Electric with an Academy where I could meet other new entry people in Schneider. The Academy was a three month experience based in Stezzano (BG) where there is the HQ of Schneider Italy. Together with the other new EcoStruxure Technology Advisors we had trainings on our products and solutions, and we also attended courses to learn and develop new skills like time management, emotional intelligence, and social selling. We also learned Schneider Electric’s core values and the mission of the company.

We had the opportunity to work together in multiple projects and share doubts or ideas. I found people in the Academy with different backgrounds, and this helped to enhance the experience. We spent all day together, so we ended up sharing a lot and becoming good friends. Each person with their contribution in the project taught me something and made the experience unforgettable. 

Embracing teamwork

When I started working in my office in Florence and I met my team and other colleagues, I was well welcomed. In one case in particular, I experienced the importance of teamwork. When I met a client with a special request for a solution related to sustainable mobility, I could count on different colleagues to help me provide the perfect solution which answered all the client’s requests.  

In my opinion, working in a team means feeling free to share ideas, doubts, concerns and proposals. It means knowing how to listen to the point of view of others and value diversity to find creative and effective solutions and proposals. Teamwork means involving colleagues but also being able to ask for support when needed. Give honest feedback and be able to accept negative feedback creating the basis for constructive dialogue. Teamwork means trust, respect and collaboration. 

In Schneider Electric we live the value of teamwork every day

Colleagues are open to dialogue, support and collaboration.  Like any other soft skill, teamwork can be improved and Schneider Electric offers moments and activities to develop and enhance teamwork. 

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Alessandra Cerini, EcoStruxure Technology Advisor

Alessandra, an EcoStruxure Technology Advisor at Schneider Electric, believes that teamwork is a crucial value to develop and share. She advocates that teamwork divides tasks and multiplies success, and within Schneider Electric, there exist numerous opportunities to exchange ideas, address concerns, and share experiences. Alessandra encourages exploring the new blog about teamwork to understand its contribution to generating the positive impact that the world needs, emphasizing that impact begins with the collective effort of the team.

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