Embarking on the Career Odyssey: New Graduates Share Their Journey Vol.1

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Join me on a journey through my experience with the Schneider Graduate Program at Schneider Electric Japan. From my initial encounter with the company as a student to navigating the application process and transitioning into a full-time role, I’ve found myself immersed in a dynamic environment that fosters growth and sustainability. As I embark on my third rotation in R&D at HMI business, I invite you to explore the transformative impact of ambition meeting action at Schneider Electric. 

Schneider Graduate Program 

The Schneider Graduate Program (SGP) is Schneider Electric’s worldwide, two-year graduate recruitment program for developing future leaders. The program aims to nurture future business leaders at an early stage by developing their business acumen. While working on specific missions related to the business from their first year in the company through three job rotations. The final assignment is determined based on their performance, growth, and aptitude during the two-year rotation. 

How I First Encountered Schneider Electric  

When I was in university, I was part of a community where we organized events related to clean energy. We collaborated with Schneider Electric in one of our events, where Schneider shared how their business empowers their customers to transition to cleaner energy and embrace sustainability. Schneider’s presentation shed light on how sustainability isn’t just a goal for Schneider Electric. It’s woven into their DNA, driving them to continually develop and deliver solutions that enable companies to thrive while contributing to a greener, more sustainable world.  

Like most other new graduates in Japan, I was unaware of the businesses that Schneider was involved in.  

However, through this interaction, I quickly gained interest in Schneider Electric. Since I could observe the commitment to sustainability, as well as the diverse culture of the company through engaging conversations with the speakers and guests.

Applying to Schneider Electric 

With my limited Japanese proficiency, I made it a priority to look for a Global company where I can work comfortably without a language barrier. Even though the application process was in Japanese, I gave it a shot anyways because I was intrigued to learn more about Schneider Electric’s business.      

After passing the video interview in Japanese, the next round was a chance for me to speak with HR team. I felt at ease when I was given the freedom to express myself in English. Throughout the interview process, I had the chance to converse with current employees based in Japan and France. These informal discussions with my potential future colleagues truly inspired me and gave me a clear vision of how my career could unfold at Schneider.   

Luckily, that year, Schneider was hiring for the Human Machine Interface (HMI) business unit, the global development center based in Osaka. And here I am – witnessing the development of a product which is sold worldwide and contributing to instilling sustainability as a core value for our customers.

Life as a Student to Full-Time work  

Shifting from student life to working life is always going to be a challenging milestone for all. For me, I felt very overwhelmed as I moved to a new city after living in Tokyo for 6 years. However, thanks to my friends in the same program and the amazing support system of my manager, mentor, buddy, (and everyone else in the Osaka office), I adapted to life in Osaka, and my new job smoothly. These days, after work, I like to get active. I go bouldering with some of my colleagues from the Osaka office. Joining recreational clubs also creates a fantastic opportunity to interact with people from other departments through common interest. This has helped me transition into my full-time role seamlessly.

My Life Now  

Recently I just started my 3rd rotation in R&D at HMI. Here, I am leading projects related to sustainability and learning about several types of projects going on in HMI. Project management was particularly challenging in the beginning (still learning and improving everyday!). But I learn comfortably with the support from my colleagues.  

The Schneider culture and work environment are truly inspiring. We encourage individuals to take ownership and make an impact. By providing a safe space to embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth. 

Join us in turning ambition into action! Become a part of our mission to foster progress and sustainability for all through automation, electrification, and digitalization. Take on the role of an impact maker at Schneider Electric! Visit our careers website for more information and to discover available opportunities.

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Uyanga Tumurbaatar 

Uyanga is originally from Mongolia, and joined Schneider Electric as a SGP in 2022. She started her life in Japan by attending the Tokyo Institute of Technology, before joining the R&D team in the HMI business unit. Outside of her professional endeavors, Uyanga finds joy in bouldering, frequently joining her colleagues for post-work climbing adventures. She is currently in her final rotation, where she continues to embrace new challenges and experiences within Schneider Electric.

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