My Technical Career Journey towards becoming an Impact Maker in Supply Chain

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My Career Path in Industrial Automation started as an Intern while pursuing my Engineering master’s in Computer Control and Automation. Curious and ambitious, I stepped into Machine Solutions (Now Digital factory) Singapore R&D lab in 2018. It was such a mixed feeling. From being wonderfully shocked to work with a team of people from diverse backgrounds to being intimidated by their technical expertise. But the latter did not last for long. I could picture how everyone in the team was willing to accept suggestions and take responsibility for their actions. This culture is quite infectious, so I began to do the same. While working closely with the team, I was quickly able to adapt to the work culture, the people, the technology, the food, and the culture. Some of my memorable moments in Schneider include team building activities, Annual “Dance & Dinner” events, and celebrating cultural festivities together as a team, starting from Chinese New Year ‘Lo Hei’ to Diwali to Christmas dinners.

Within three months of my Internship, I was offered a full-time role as a System Verification Engineer. It is an Inquisitive journey as a team to witness the device take shape, starting from working with prototypes, to learning new Industrial Communication protocols, introducing Innovation, integrating the Hardware, software, and firmware, and vigorously testing it. It is astounding to see how the product, like a small piece, fits into a big puzzle, working seamlessly with the complete system and solution that Schneider caters towards Sustainability and Digital Transformation of Industries. I am happy and proud to play this part that contributes to Schneider’s IMPACT values.

Drawing Inspirations and Healthy competitiveness 

Curiosity, constant learning, and experimenting are big driving factors in a technical career path. I have had a massive learning curve, learning every day. This made me agile to any new technological adaptation that the project needed and cultivate the growth mindset. During my 5-year journey in Digital Factory, I am happy to have collaborated with various R&D teams in Germany & France on new projects and recent technology. This also gave me an opportunity to visit France, explore their country’s culture and try skiing and trekking with the team. I was also able to display my work and expertise, which won me responsibilities like PLC Validation projects. I understood that it is necessary to draw Inspiration and learn from various teams. A little healthy competition among sites never hurt anyone. It is okay to experiment and take risks, you only learn more from it!

I love participating in IA Hackathons. It was during one of these Cybersecurity Hackathons that I realized my passion and Interest towards Cybersecurity and started learning a lot more on this topic. I love that Schneider has this environment where everyone can voice their concerns and have open conversations with managers about their career. I expressed my interest and had great opportunities to work on Cybersecurity topics for various products in IA.  

Transition to Industrialization 

I leveraged Schneider’s “Open Talent Market” to connect with mentors and participate in interesting projects. It is eye-opening to learn from experts and senior leaders, their journey, and experiences. I learnt about various business units, their offers and solutions and their sustainability goals. I had the opportunity to hear from a few SVP’s and here are some key takeaways. Always be open to new opportunities, you never know when it might knock on your door. Never be worried about making mistakes, it is not called “failure,” it is a steppingstone to success. Do not be afraid to make bold decisions.

It was during one of these networking sessions that I participated in a campaign on #WomenInTech and met fellow passionate women in Industrial Automation. I learnt more about Industrialization and GSC teams during this interaction. It got me hooked and was approached later for a career move into Industrialization team! That is the culture in Schneider. To Identify talents, provide growth, and explore different domains and business units. I love the confidence, determination and grit of women pursuing technical careers. The best part is that Industrial Automation has such inspiring women leaders starting from the Director to the VP, to the SVP, who are leading by example, making bold decisions, and striving towards excellence.

I accepted the new role and believed that my expertise in Cybersecurity, transferable technical competencies and product knowledge can aid in bridging gaps In Industrialization. I feel empowered and positive with Learning Link and role specific trainings that ensure my smooth transition. As I progress, I am planning to make use of Upskilling Initiatives and be an Electrifier. I am looking forward to working closely with the team and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and us.  

Join us in our efforts to bridge progress and sustainability for all through automation, electrification, and digitalization. Become an impact maker at Schneider Electric!

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Neetha Rajasekaran, Senior Product Test Engineer

Neetha is a Senior Product Test Engineer from Industrialisation Team, based out of Singapore. She holds a Engineering Master’s in Computer Control and Automation. Her Schneider Career journey started as an Intern in 2018 in the Digital Factory team. She has experience working on various Industrial Automation products and is passionate about Cybersecurity. Her aspirations include contributing towards Industrial Digital Transformation and building a sustainable future.

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