From Intern to All-Star: How These Rising Stars Turned Internships into Thriving Careers

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As a Human Resources Business Partner at Schneider Electric, there’s nothing more gratifying than witnessing our interns blossom into integral members of our #SEGreatPeople community. It’s a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and offering genuine pathways for an impactful and meaningful career growth, regardless of their background.  

Recently, I had the privilege to sit down with three former interns based in the Philippines who have seamlessly transitioned into vital roles at Schneider Electric. Join me as we spotlight their remarkable stories and recount how they evolved from interns to impact makers of the future

Meeting the stellar trio  

Though initially a little bashful, Patricia Santonil, affectionately known as Pat, Lauren Casuyon, and John Reinhel Navarro quickly established a connection upon discovering they all embarked on their internship journey with Schneider Electric in early 2023 and even started their full-time roles on the same day! Talk about a coincidence and passing the vibe check!  

Leading the conversation was Pat who joined the Philippines’ Center of Competency (CoCe) as a Junior Finance Business Analyst. Graduated with a degree in Business Administration as major, she has been steadfast in pursuing her goal since her student days, which is to build a career in finance. 

Following Pat’s lead was Lauren, proudly representing Customer Satisfaction and Quality (CSQ). As a vital member of the CSQ team, he ensures customer satisfaction with every interaction. Rest assured; his communication skills are unmatched! 

Completing this dynamic trio is Rein, an indispensable member of the CSQ team serving as a Customer Care Center Representative. His role is pivotal in fostering strong customer relationships and delivering exceptional service, which are key to Schneider Electric’s unwavering commitment to customer excellence.   

It’s truly refreshing to witness their growth since graduation, now entrusted to lead the way in their respective fields!  

A normal day at work for the CSQ team!

Reflecting on the journey 

Transitioning from the structured classroom environment to the professional realm might seem daunting for some, and our former interns certainly experienced their fair share of apprehensions. Concerns about fitting in, navigating workplace dynamics, and aligning academic knowledge with job expectations were some common anxieties that they mentioned – and that’s completely natural to have these concerns!  

However, during their immersive 3 to 6-month internship program, they began laying the groundwork for their future careers, immersing themselves in challenging yet stimulating projects. 

Dive deeper into their narratives, in their own words: 

I can confidently say that being an intern before starting out my career again in Schneider Electric was one of my defining points in life. The internship taught me to reinforce what I learnt in the classroom and the valuable skills such as communication, problem solving, time management, working with others, and most importantly the willingness to learn. 


When I first stepped into work on my first day as an intern, I was greeted and warmly welcomed by my colleagues. It made me feel that I was part of their team. They were eager to answer my questions and provide feedback on my work, which gave me the courage to learn different skills. It helped me to discover my potential and the many things I could do with my future. 


My journey as an intern has helped me to speak up and improve my skills. As an intern at Schneider Electric, I was initially not used to the set of work given as everything seems new to me, but the company and my teammates helped me to be more confident during my duties over time. 

Who says interns can’t have fun? Dress up and show off your style with the team at company events!

Why they chose Schneider Electric 

As their internships ended, these young talents faced a pivotal decision – where to start their careers. With the experience that they have accumulated and reflecting on the dynamic landscape of the professional world in the country, I couldn’t help but inquire why they opted to embark on their journey with Schneider Electric. 

Their response was unanimous: they recognized that Schneider Electric as more than just a workplace, it was a supportive community that encouraged them to dream big and strive for excellence. The company’s commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and empowerment deeply resonated with them, drawing them to its vision and the people within. 

“I truly enjoy working with my colleagues. My manager, and even the management-level teams are very approachable, which shows to me the respect and commitment that we all share to grow one another,” shares Pat. Echoing this sentiment, Lauren adds, “and being surrounded by these great teams brings me comfort, knowing that I can enhance my skills and become a more competent professional.” 

“I consider myself to be quite a curious person, and I’ve truly flourished here due to the many opportunities offered by the company that satisfies my drive for continuous learning,” Rein sums up, before concluding with, “I’m delighted to have discovered a second home in Cavite!” 

Some of the #SEGreatPeople at the Cavite office showing what we’re great on: an inclusive and empowering culture! 

“Never stop listening, never stop communicating” 

In my role, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing numerous interns successfully transition to full-time roles within our organization. One crucial factor that has propelled their seamless transition is their unwavering commitment to learning and growth – a “learner’s mindset” as Lauren aptly calls it.  

Throughout their internship journey, one principle remained at the forefront of their minds: to take every day as an opportunity to showcase their skills and learn new knowledge. This has been ingrained in them since day one of their internship, and I’m happy to see them maintain this dedication in their new roles – the commitment to connect, absorb, and refine. 

This mindset serves as their guiding light, fueling their hunger for knowledge and resilience in the face of challenges and setbacks. I believe this mindset they cultivated during their time with us as interns empowers them to excel in their roles and enriches our organization’s fabric. 

“Having that same quality of performance with my tenured colleagues gives them confidence that having us as an addition to their team would provide great benefits in the future,” the three rounded off the interview. 

A pizza party (or two) helps form lasting bonds with our colleagues.

Take action today  

Our former interns didn’t just dream of success—they pursued it, seizing every opportunity and emerging as full-fledged champions at Schneider Electric. Their transformation from interns to full-time professionals exemplifies their determination, grit, resilience and the incredible support and opportunities available at Schneider Electric. 

As you consider your next steps as a student, remember that an internship isn’t just a stepping stone. Our internship experience is more than just gaining practical skills; it’s about embracing every day as an opportunity to showcase your talents, connect with mentors and colleagues and refine your capabilities.  

So, seize this chance to unleash your potential with our internship program and join our community of impact makers. Visit our career website to learn more about the types of work that we do. Apply now before 8th March 2024 and kickstart your journey toward a rewarding future with us!  

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