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Schneider Electric is always evolving. While we’re known for our strong industrial base in energy management and automation, our digital and software evolution over the past decade has seen us become one of the world’s largest industrial software tech companies. This is now our ‘next frontier’ — consolidating our leadership in electrification, digitalization, and automation, and accelerating sustainability worldwide.

As Chief Human Resources Officer, it’s my mission to instill this new business direction into the 150,000 employees that make up our workforce. That’s no small task. Schneider serves customers in over 100 countries, spanning countless functions, operations, jobs, languages, and backgrounds. Creating one culture that absorbs all this takes conscious design and collective effort.

That’s where our employee value proposition (EVP) and values come in. They offer a clear statement on the unique purpose and experience of working for Schneider, regardless of location or position.

In February, we updated our EVP and values to reflect how Schneider has evolved over the years, aligning with where we want to go, and what we believe in. We call it “Impact starts with us”, and our IMPACT Values are Inclusion, Mastery, Purpose, Action, Curiosity, and Teamwork. Together, they form the new pillars of Schneider’s culture, uniting our vast workforce under shared principles.

A group of people smiling and gesturing enthusiastically against a light blue background. The central message, 'IMPACT starts with us' in bold green letters, is prominently displayed above the Schneider Electric logo with the tagline 'Life Is On.' The overall mood is uplifting and conveys a sense of community and positive change.

New ambitions, new culture 

Our growth ambitions require a culture shift: one that accelerates progress toward both financial and non-financial goals. It involves prioritizing our customers’ success and always making decisions with them in mind. It also means adaptation. As a company, we must continuously learn to meet new challenges in an increasingly complex world, with measured risk-taking and experimentation. To realize our goals, we believe a growth culture is now essential — and our new EVP reflects this.

People at the heart

Our employees are the ones who bring the vision, skills, and energy to fulfil our purpose and build a growth culture. From an HR perspective, that means designing a space where everyone can flourish — where challenges are seen as opportunities, failures are viewed as stepping stones, and learning is a daily habit.

We believe company growth and employee development are strongly linked. As industry leaders, our people have the scope to become, quite literally, the best in the world at what they do. Our new IMPACT Values emphasize the importance of constant upskilling and development, as well as innovation and collaboration. Ultimately, it’s exceptional people who impact the world.

At the same time, we value the differences and subtleties that make us all individuals. It’s essential to embrace diverse perspectives to co-create a place where everyone belongs and thrives. I know that a supportive environment can mean the difference between a sustained, enjoyable performance and disillusionment — or even burnout.

Calling all Impact Makers, at Schneider and beyond 

“Impact starts with us” is also an invitation for future employees to join our company, where anyone can contribute to turning sustainability ambition into actions, no matter what role they play. It’s a call to connect your career with the ambition of achieving a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable world.

Because for us, impact isn’t just a term paraded across posters or social media; it’s encoded into our EVP and culture. After all, Schneider makes companies, infrastructure, buildings, homes, data centers, and entire industries more efficient and sustainable. There’s a reason why we’re consistently ranked among the most sustainable companies in the world. Here, you can pursue your dream career while actively making a long-term, positive impact on the planet.

At Schneider, you’ll contribute to tackling the climate crisis head-on, and accelerating the energy transition the planet urgently needs. What’s more, we help tens of millions of people in underserved communities gain access to energy and education — so you’re making the world a fairer place, too. You’ll sit among colleagues with vastly different personal and professional backgrounds, all united by a vision of a better world. Our new EVP helps to reinforce this, making sure we’re all pointed in the same direction.

Interested in a career with us? Check our website to get started.


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