Power the Future: Exploring Schneider Electric’s Graduate Alumni Journey

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Dive into the journeys of Schneider Electric’s Graduate alumni! Discover where our past graduates are now and how they continue to shape a brighter, more sustainable future.

In this blog, Ciaran Vaughan tells us about his journey to becoming a Business Development Manager at Schneider Electric. Let’s go!

Describe your first impression of Schneider Electric as a graduate and how it influenced your early days at the company. Did it match your expectations, were there any surprises? 

I knew it was big, just not this big. The company speaks a lot about sustainability, but so do a lot of other companies, however, I quickly realised this company genuinely has sustainability in the forefront of decisions which is why it’s such a leader.  

Can you share a project or initiative you were a part of during your time as a grad? How did it shape your professional trajectory and the value you bring to Schneider Electric? 

Delivering a solution-based quote for a large project in the BMS team was a big challenge for me, and one of my first customer interactions where I was owning the opportunity. This required patience and resilience, to ensure I was asking the right questions both to the customer and internally for support. It has helped me in my current role understand the pressures in being in a customer facing role and the importance of having a strong internal network.

In what ways have you felt that your role as a graduate at Schneider Electric made a tangible impact, both within the company and in the broader context of energy and sustainable solutions? 

In both placements I coordinated a training programme to help enable the sales teams to have more sustainability led conversations. The energy crisis in the UK is a real challenge for customers and ensuring the sales teams were equipped to sell our solutions to help the customers was important.

What advice would you give to incoming graduates to make the most of their time at Schneider Electric, and how do you envision the future of graduates contributing to the company’s mission? 

Everyone says to network for a reason. Similarly, everyone also says to ask questions for a reason. In addition, both networking and asking questions are essential for personal and professional growth. Furthermore, being curious and proactive in seeking information can lead to valuable insights and opportunities.

 Don’t miss your chance to make a lasting impact and be part of our transformative journey. 

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Ciaran Vaughan, Business Development Manager

Ciaran joined Schneider in September 2022 after graduating with a 1st class honours in Business Management & Marketing at NTU. He completed two six month placements in Schneider Electric Services and the BMS Sales team. Engaging with customers gave Ciaran important learnings which has helped him in his current role. Outside of work he is a big sports fan playing tennis and watching football and rugby.  

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