[Podcast] Digital Career Tales: From Graduation to Innovation

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Next up on Season 2 of our ‘Own your Career, Own your Future’ podcast, is great follow on from our latest episode about digital careers – but in this time we’re approaching it from the perspective of the next generation and how they had started and are now growing their careers in the tech and the digital space!

We sat down with three remarkable early career talents who started their journey as graduates in the award-winning Middle East & Africa graduate program at Schneider Electric and have since become experts and innovators within digital roles. We dived into their experiences, why they chose to apply for Schneider’s graduate program, why Schneider Electric and why a digital career, what their careers look like now, and learnt how they’re contributing to Schneider Electric’s sustainability mission! 

Early careers talent working at computer with colleague

Given the constantly evolving nature of technology, one has an unlimited potential for learning. From cloud computing to artificial intelligence and machine learning, a digital career provides the opportunity to work on diverse projects and the chance to learn new skills. And as technology advances, the demand for tech talent will continue to grow which means a continued availability of jobs. So, no matter if you’re from a scientific background or a creative one, you’re in the right place to learn more!

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