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Discover the inspiring journey of Patryk Zdrojewski, a Tendering Engineer Apprentice at Schneider Electric. Join us as we sit down with him to delve into his experiences, challenges, and successes, and learn why pursuing an apprenticeship could be a rewarding career choice!

Why did you choose Schneider Electric? 

The reason for me joining Schneider is simple, as Schneider Electric is a company where they have core values that they follow and adhere to. I like how Schneider Electric treats people with respect, and it doesn’t matter where they are from.  

What have you been exposed to on your apprenticeship? 

During my apprenticeship I have been exposed to different departments in the company, starting with manufacturing department right through to tendering department. This has given me a lot of knowledge about the company and Schneider’s step by step process.  

How have you balanced study and work at Schneider? 

At first, I thought it is impossible to do. But after joining Schneider with help of my manager and colleagues and a guide to follow I learnt that this is in fact possible when you are organised as a person and make sure you plan ahead and block out your diary. 

Why has an apprenticeship been a great option for you? 

In my opinion apprenticeships will teach you how to be an adult during your education time as you earn while you learn. Also, it teaches you how to put your life in a nice structure from having time for family, friends, education, work and of course for yourself (in other words a balanced lifestyle). 

Why should others consider apprenticeship?  

Well for me you get practical and theoretical experience. In my opinion, this is the best thing that can happen to you. Make sure you ask questions and remember there’s no such a thing as a stupid question. Never give up, keep going no matter what and believe in yourself.  

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Patryk Zdrojewski, Tendering Engineer

Patryk joined the company in 2021 but prior he completed a 2-year apprenticeship as Manual lathe operator. Patryk’s role helps him improve in his day-to-day tasks at work and at home, it also involves solving complex problems and challenges him to try his best, learn and grow with each day. Outside of work Patryk loves spending time with his family, and enjoys practicing different sport activities. 

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