Projects our Schneider Graduate Program Associates have been enjoying! 

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From campus recruitment to program management, I have spent most of my time in the early career space. From these experiences, I have heard from many graduates who felt obligated to decide on a career path without having the opportunity to align their strengths or professional goals.  

If you have a clear vision on what you want to do, that’s great! If you are not quite sure, I want to assure you that is ok, and that you are not alone. (I was once in your position too!) I strongly believe the importance of being in a company which allows you to experience different opportunities through rotations and projects – and Schneider Electric is exactly that company! 

The Schneider Graduate Program (SGP) exposes graduates to various business functions through a 2-year rotational program. SGP associates have the power to explore different projects and teams before committing to a landing role. The program also grants access to senior leaders. As well as thought leadership engagement to help graduates better understand the business strategy. At the heart of this program, it is about enriching graduates’ career and uplifting the next generation of business leaders.   

Let’s hear from some of our 2023 Singapore batch of graduates on projects they have been enjoying in their first rotation! 

“As part of my rotation in the Sustainability Business Consulting team, I embarked on a project to assess 50 Singapore-based companies’ sustainability maturity – their overarching goal, reduction targets, decarbonization roadmaps, etc. It became evident that while companies are eager to demonstrate their climate leadership, they often face challenges in accelerating their sustainability goals using a one-size-fits-all approach. This is where Schneider Electric plays a crucial role by providing our sustainability consultancy. I really enjoyed this project as this perfectly aligns with my values of enabling companies to achieve their goals through strategic advice.”

Li Ling Tan, Schneider Graduate Program Associate
1st Rotation: Sustainability Business Consulting

“The project I enjoyed the most was conceptualizing Microgrid Advisory Services for the Southeast Asia region. I worked on formalizing a structured feasibility study for potential customers to testbed their interest in microgrids. I enjoyed collaborating with internal Microgrid teams across the world – it was fruitful to learn about their best practices, allowing me to better craft our advisory services to fit the region. I found my interest in strategy work where we conduct market research and eventually create something new. The cherry on top is in executing the theorized strategy, which I hope to challenge myself in the future.” 

Saksham Mehrotra, Sustainability Analyst
1st Rotation: Microgrid Advisory 

“I have been heavily involved in the progress of our Schneider Sustainability Essential #4: Improve CO2 efficiency in transportation by 15%. My team recently went through a change in vendor and accounting methodology to ensure alignment to the Greenhouse gases protocol. This process involved communicating with regional owners (of the transport emissions reporting) on their understanding of the methodology, as it influences the quality of input data. Being able to reconcile and see a direct impact through our data makes me proud to be part of a team leading Scope 3 transport accounting.” 

Clare Ho, Schneider Graduate Program Associate
1st Rotation: Sustainability Business Consulting

“Working on the launch of Zeigo Activate has been one of the most exciting projects in my first rotation! This innovative platform enables small and medium-sized enterprises to effortlessly track emissions, set targets, and generate decarbonization roadmaps. I loved being part of this project as it allowed me to apply my academic knowledge (finance) to contribute to a real-world business case simulation. Through this project, I re-discovered my passion for sustainability and the transformative power of technology in driving positive changes. It has empowered me to explore more innovative solutions to shape a greener future.” 

Amanda Toh, Schneider Graduate Program Associate
1st Rotation: Global Partner Sustainability

“During my rotation in the Sustainability Business Consulting team, I had the opportunity to deploy a new service offer relating to an upcoming climate-related disclosure regulation in Australia. Throughout this project, I learnt about current sustainability regulations in Australia and how to communicate our range of services to potential customers. I particularly enjoyed this project as it really shows how sustainability is an ever-evolving space and how Schneider Electric is leveraging these changes to build new business opportunities.” 

Jaya Le Thai, Sustainability Analyst
1st Rotation: Sustainability Business Consulting, Australia (Remote)

What an exciting journey it has been for our SGP associates! This is truly a program that will allow you to explore different projects and own your career from the get-go. If this is what you are looking for, we want to hear from you! 

If you wish to be considered for a place within the Schneider Graduate Program 2024, please apply before February 16, 2024. For other opportunities, you can visit our career website

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Jaslyn Teo is currently the Schneider Graduate Program Manager and she has over 8 years of experience in the early careers space. In her role, she manages the Schneider Internship Program and Graduate Program across 9 countries in the East Asia Region, supporting graduates in building meaningful careers.  

When she is not at work, she is at home mothering her kids and enjoys volunteering in her free time. She believes in giving back to the community and bringing empathy and compassion to everything she does. This translates into her work in HR, where understanding people and their needs is key!

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