Shining light on the military and veteran community at Schneider Electric

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Co-authored with Peter Shull

Schneider Electric’s mission of ensuring that energy is accessible, reliable, and sustainable is exemplified through organizational efforts to facilitate a smooth and fulfilling transition for service members entering the civilian workforce.  We recognize that our service men and women on the frontlines leverage key drivers for business growth, innovation, resilience, and strategic thinking, to bravely serve our country. With this demonstratable experience, they’re distinctly positioned to provide immeasurable value to the industry and our corporate culture. Fostering an ecosystem that not only encourages these personal and professional qualities, but rewards them, ensures that everyone wins at Schneider Electric.

As two leaders within Schneider Electric, we are elated to shine a light on how we are working to grow and engage with our veteran community.

Military and Veteran Community at Schneider Electric
Bobby Cain (top & bottom left) and Peter Shull (top & bottom right)

Grow, Honor and Serve: The Radiance of Schneider Electric VETS ERN

Our Schneider Electric VETS ERN (Voices of Employees That Served Employee Resource Network) is a vibrant testament to Schneider Electric’s efforts in developing, connecting, and supporting our veteran community. The mission of this group is to increase awareness of the incredible contributions Veterans and Military Spouses bring to the company, develop our employees, and craft HR initiatives that are friendly towards both Veterans and Military Spouse employees. The group also provides opportunities for Schneider Electric’s Veteran and Military Spouse community to give back. 

Over the past year, the assembly has grown exponentially, reaching nearly 300 active members. Each individual brings a glowing wealth of experience and insight. Their commitment enriches our organizational culture and uniquely contributes to our ongoing innovation and excellence. Moreover, for veterans entering the workforce, the ERN is a great way to make quick connections, gain traction and navigate the company. As the community expands, our veteran colleagues’ contributions reach new heights.  

Lighting the Way: Partnerships, Programs and Outreach

While it’s of paramount importance to strengthen Schneider Electric’s internal network for those who have served, the organization has also committed to numerous partnerships and programs to increase our engagement with the wider military community. The expansion of our Skill Bridge efforts, collaboration with the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Military Spouse Employment Partnership program, and our growing alliance with Hiring Our Heroes have been instrumental in forging stronger connections with service members, veterans, and their families. More specifically, our apprenticeship program lights the way for junior enlisted transitioning service members, offering them tailored opportunities to refine their skills in electrical infrastructure services. Additionally, Schneider Electric has active partnerships with Service Academy Career Conference, American Corporate Partners, Folds of Honor, Transition Assistance Program, Military MOJO, and ReacHire.

Schneider Electric Veterans in the Spotlight: Community Impact and Recognition

Schneider Electric’s focus on military and veteran affairs has made positive impacts within the community, earning outside accreditation. The prestigious Military Friendly organization recognized our strides by elevating our status from Bronze to Silver over the past year. This beaming endorsement of our enduring commitment over the last four years, company-wide inclusivity culture, and the priority we place on our people further fuels Schneider Electric’s goals and ambitions in this space.

The company’s emphasis on elevating the presence of veterans also allows us to reinforce our journey towards a future where energy is intelligent, intuitive, and ensures that Life is On. Together, we are not just imagining the future, we are meticulously crafting it with the invaluable contributions of our veterans leading the charge.

On behalf of the SE Veteran Community, we welcome you to explore Schneider Electric; a place where our service members can continue to blaze new trails and serve a higher purpose.

Reach out to Peter Shull on LinkedIn if you are interested in learning more!

Meet the authors

Bobby Cain (left) and Peter Shull (right)

Bobby Cain

I am the Chief Information Officer for North America at Schneider Electric. I retired from the United States Army with 20 years of combined active and reserve service. Courage, empathy, and empowerment are core capabilities gleaned from my military experience that I employ while leading a large and complex organization.  As a former Army Ranger, I aim to “lead by example” in every facet of the company, from ethics and trust to valuing people and teamwork. While inspiring the organization to achieve high performance I’ve had the privilege of developing and nurturing people across the organization and was one of the founding members of the Schneider Electric VETS ERN.

Peter Shull

I am the Military and Veterans Affairs Leader at Schneider Electric USA Inc. As such, I have the distinct honor and privilege of championing the invaluable contributions that veterans make to our team every day. This role, created with the express purpose of nurturing the growth and presence of veterans within our organization, is a testament to Schneider Electric’s unwavering commitment to those who have served our great nation. This opportunity is a perfect match for my 28 years of military service.

Schneider Electric’s Brilliance: Our Veteran Voices

Brandyn came into Schneider Electric with a strong skillset and education which allowed him to transition from the military to civilian work with very few obstacles. His technical aptitude allowed for easy onboarding and quick job assignments at our most demanding VIP accounts. Through application of his gained work experience, Brandyn has surpassed his peers in terms of performance, professionalism, and work ethic. He has quickly built meaningful relationships with his team and customers. Brandyn was offered a permanent, Sr FSR position in N. Florida. We look forward to his continued development and growth within the organization.

Jim McNeal, Field Service Manager on Brandyn Walter, Sr. Service Representative – Military Fellow

“As an Air Force Reservist, I am grateful for the commitment of NAM’s leadership at all levels to honor the service and sacrifice of our employees who still put on the uniform and answer the nation’s call. Working with the VETS ERN, we have helped honor our incredible citizen-Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines by crafting competitive military leave policies, ensuring robust family care plans during mobilization, and removing barriers to SE career progression. SE’s outstanding culture that enables our military members to serve has garnered awards from the DOD’s Employee Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) program and several Military Friendly Employer categories.”

Timothy Spink, North America Quotations Transformation Product Owner, SE Veterans Employee Resource Network President, and USAF Lt Col

“As most veterans know there is a tight culture and family within the military, and that’s the same culture I see within Schneider Electric and especially my Schneider Digital team. My SkillBridge experience with the team has been nothing short of extraordinary and has exposed me to so many different parts of the business, giving me an unbelievable amount of experience in less than 3 months. I’m already passionate about our current strategies and goals which is a similar feeling I’ve had with past leadership and roles in the Army. This SkillBridge has met all my expectations and I feel I have made a positive impact on my team within Schneider Electric and hope to continue to make an impact on the company in the future.”

Dan Holloran, Technical Project Manager – Military Fellow

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