[Podcast] Level Up: Unlock your Digital Career

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Next up on Season 2 of our ‘Own your Career, Own your Future’ podcast, is an interesting and exciting topic – starting and growing your career in tech and the digital space!

We all have seen how technology has transformed the world, and how it’s influenced modern career paths. The industry is moving on an upward trajectory with no signs of slowing down. From coding and software development to data analysis, testing, project management and more, there’s a multitude of different digital roles and functions to suit all kinds of skillsets. 

Unlock your Digital Career from the Own your Career, Own your Future podcast

Given the constantly evolving nature of technology, one has an unlimited potential for learning. From cloud computing to artificial intelligence and machine learning, a digital career provides the opportunity to work on diverse projects and the chance to learn new skills. And as technology advances, the demand for tech talent will continue to grow which means a continued availability of jobs. So, no matter if you’re from a scientific background or a creative one, you’re in the right place to learn more.

We will dive into the following key topics:

  • Thriving in a non-traditional industry for a digital talents
  • Finding purpose at Schneider Electric in your digital career​
  • How we help to build and co-create talented employees’ careers​
  • How digital talents can progress and find their niche in a company like Schneider​
  • The new naming and job progression in place to help with employees’ career journeys

Meet our guest

Clayton Mohamed, Vice President Human Resources, Schneider Digital

Clayton is an experienced Human Resources VP with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and energy management industry. Strong professional, skilled in Human Resources, Talent Management, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, and Succession Planning.

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