Gen Y Speaks: What Does Well-Being Mean? 

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Well-being has become an increasingly vital aspect of fostering a healthy work environment, and it is a subject that holds a special place in my heart. Programs and initiatives are thoughtfully crafted to align with the six wellness pillars in Schneider Electric Singapore as part of our strategic priority: Physical, Family, Environmental. Financial, Mental, and Career.

My involvement in well-being conversations began during my internship at Schneider Electric. Upon my return as a Schneider Graduate Program (SGP) Associate, I eagerly seized the opportunity to assume the chairperson role for the Well-being and Recreation Committee (WRC).

The WRC comprises of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time to organize a variety of events. We are dedicated to elevating the overall well-being of all employees and nurturing social cohesion among individuals from diverse backgrounds. Over the years, our team has successfully orchestrated numerous activities and memorable occasions, including events such as Durian Day, Well-being Week, and initiatives that reinforce our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Over this time, I have seen how employees are empowered to tailor their well-being journey to their unique life experiences. Now, let’s hear from some of our #SEGreatPeople about what well-being means to them.


First, let’s hear from Faris. Faris is currently a Product Application Engineer in the Digital Energy team and has recently completed the Schneider Graduate Program. What does well-being mean to him? 

Faris on Physical Well-Being

Well-being encompasses the maintenance of physical, emotional, and mental health. Personally, I prioritize my physical well-being by participating in an informal, employee-driven, self-formed “SE exercise interest group” alongside some colleagues. Our shared objective is to complete a 12km run by the end of 2023, which has motivated us to consistently run together after work. Additionally, we make use of the office gym for training and staying in shape. These supportive communities and facilities play a pivotal role in upholding my physical health, contributing significantly to my overall sense of well-being.


Next, we have Keith who is a fellow Schneider Graduate Program Associate, currently rotating with the Sustainability Consulting team that focuses on Cleantech and Strategy.  

Keith on Environmental Well-Being

Well-being for me revolves around dedicating time to activities that enrich my life and provide meaning to my endeavors, all while reconnecting with the natural world and fostering connections within communities. I firmly believe that everything is interconnected with the environment; when I care for the environment, I feel like I’m also caring for myself. 

The Green CSR Hub within WRC has played a pivotal role in my journey. It has provided me with opportunities to explore and learn about various aspects of nature, all while contributing to communities through initiatives such as e-waste recycling, eco-enzymes, and microgreens. In my capacity as the Schneider Foundation Delegate in Singapore, I have been able to steer efforts toward volunteerism, mentorship, and donations that support meaningful causes, inspiring action and generating a positive impact that extends beyond my 9 to 5 responsibilities. 

The well-being and prosperity of both nature and communities bring about new layers of meaning and a profound sense of fulfillment, which in turn allows my own well-being to flourish.


I couldn’t agree more with Keith that when we care for the environment, we are taking care of ourselves as well. Let’s see what well-being means to Ai Chia, who is a Project Manager in the Application Centre team, dealing with customer projects and services.

Ai Chia on Mental Well-Being 

Well-being goes beyond physical wellness; it encompasses our mental well-being as well. Often, mental health remains a taboo to talk about or is not taken seriously enough. Mental health deserves equal, if not greater, attention than physical health.  

I have seen how mental health can have adverse effects on work productivity and personal life. To achieve good mental health, having support and understanding from manager, family, colleagues, and professionals are crucial. I am grateful to have a strong support system in place, including colleagues who genuinely understand the importance of mental health and resources, e.g Safe Space. In my view, these resources serve as a kind of “preventive care”, akin to the health screenings that we undergo. To me, it is important that we have such resources to leverage on before any issues escalate into something more serious.


I fully agree with Ai Chia that we need to pay more attention to our mental health, both for ourselves and the people around us. Finally, let me introduce Dilys and what well-being means to her. Like Faris, Dilys is currently a Product Application Engineer in the Digital Energy team. Fun fact, Dilys was the WRC chairperson before me! 

Dilys on Career Well-Being 

One aspect of well-being that I value is career well-being; It is about finding satisfaction in my work and realizing my full potential. As a professional in the early stages of my career, I recognize the value of establishing a solid foundation for my professional journey, which can subsequently influence my financial well-being and, ultimately, impact other dimensions of well-being. 

Being able to comfortably engage in regular career conversations with my manager has allowed me to put myself in the driver’s seat for my career development. I also actively participate in the annual Career Week in Schneider Electric. This year, I leveraged on the “Career Conversations Tapestry” initiative to seek mentorship from people managers outside of my team and gained practical tips to build my career. With these newfound skills and developmental support, I feel well-equipped to confidently navigate my career path. To me, this sense of agency and growth is an integral aspect of overall well-being.

In conclusion

It’s truly incredible to see the diverse perspectives on well-being within our community. My experience leading the WRC has underscored the vital role that employee well-being plays in cultivating a positive and inclusive company culture, fostering a deep sense of belonging among employees from various backgrounds. I consider myself fortunate to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with these #SEGreatPeople and I passionately believe that when our well-being is taken care of, we can unlock productivity, innovation, resilience to stress and the ability to make meaningful contributions to both our company and society. The benefits are boundless!

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