Unlocking Job Opportunities: Schneider Electric’s Support for Military Spouse Employment

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The balancing act between work and family is a universal experience. However, for military spouses, this balance exists within a unique landscape filled with its own childcare challenges. Although these challenges resonate with the concerns of many working parents, they’re intensified by the unique demands of military life.

Consider a military spouse

Equally determined as any working parent to achieve career goals but constrained by the lack of affordable and reliable childcare services. This situation resonates with numerous working parents facing the challenge of aligning professional goals with parenting duties.

Examining the statistics reveals a similar trend. 12% of active-duty military spouses working part-time indicate that childcare issues are their primary reason for not working full-time, according to the Office of People Analytics (2020). This reflects the challenges of many working parents adjusting their schedules and priorities due to childcare limitations. Additionally, 14% of active-duty military spouses not in active employment highlight the prohibitive costs of childcare as their main concern. Remarkably, 34% of military spouses who wish to join the workforce cite the high cost of childcare as the primary obstacle (Blue Star Families, 2021).

While both military spouses and working parents face equivalent childcare challenges, the military context adds an extra layer of complexity. Regardless of this backdrop, both groups share the universal aim: finding affordable and accessible childcare solutions that enable them to succeed both as parents and professionals.

Highlighting Schneider Electric’s organizational values, I would like to share my story.

I’ve been an SE employee for over ten years. A 2018 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move brought me to Oahu, Hawaii. Shortly afterward, I faced the daunting task of solo parenting my two young sons (aged 3 and 9 months) due to my husband’s military training schedule. To complicate matters further, I was 12 weeks pregnant at that time, and required urgent surgery to ensure my pregnancy’s viability, all while managing work demands, my two boys, one of whom was still waitlisted at several daycares.

Thanks to Schneider Electric’s unwavering commitment to its employees, I was able to tap into the available resources. Using care.com, I meticulously screened and hired a nanny to help during this critical period. Also, working remotely afforded me the flexibility to take necessary time off for my surgery, safeguarding the health and well-being of my unborn child.

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