Empowering women through grassroots communities: Our commitment to embracing equality

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The sight of women working in male-dominated industries was a rarity in the past, and we often found ourselves subjected to endless questions about our capabilities. However, the landscape has evolved greatly since then! With a significant influx of women into the private sector, particularly in STEM and leadership roles. The numbers of women in STEM positions are on the rise, ushering in a transformative era. 

As more women break into various industries and roles, this embrace of diversity injects a wealth of fresh ideas, creativity, and enhances productivity through collaborative efforts. 

It is crucial for companies to cultivate an environment where women can thrive, voice our opinions, and actively participate in shaping decisions. Such an atmosphere is instrumental in fostering a sense of belonging and security. 

Schneider Electric, renowned for its specialization in energy management and industrial automation, has traditionally carried the perception of being primarily male-dominated.  

Nevertheless, as we advance on our path of digital transformation, our unwavering commitment lies in being an Impact Company where every employee is valued and empowered, and we aspire to be the most inclusive and caring organization in the world. In pursuit of this goal, Schneider Electric introduced two key initiatives globally: Women in Schneider Electric (WISE) and How Women Rise (HWR).  

Let’s learn more about these programs!

Origin of WISE  

How did we establish WISE in Indonesia to become a tight-knit community as it is now? It was nine years ago when we, the women in Schneider Electric Indonesia, gathered together and realized we needed a platform where we could share our expertise, experiences, express ideas, and develop together as a group.

Over the past years, we have arranged a variety of activities such as celebrating International Women Day and Kartini Day. The team hosted a series of webinars that covered various topics such as self-love and self-development. We even organized a visit to our factory to learn more about the business. I am proud to share that we attracted over 180 employees to attend our events both in person and virtually!

I want to create WISE as a place where all women in Schneider Electric in Indonesia feel empowered and supported. I want every woman here to come to us to find inspiration, get motivated, and see us as a platform where they can pursue their aspirations. 

I am proud of what we have accomplished so far, but the best part is: we’re not finished yet! We have even bigger goals to achieve! 

We want to empower the women in Schneider Electric to boost their professional growth, giving them the courage to pursue their wildest dreams and unleash their full potential. That is our commitment to help fellow women succeed!  

Rising for All  

Back in 2016, we initiated the Female Mentoring Circle with the aspiration to foster inclusivity. Over time, it has evolved into what we now refer to as How Women Rise (HWR). This community plays a pivotal role in supporting women on their professional journey. We’re encouraged to identify and break the habits that might hinder our path to success, and what makes this community truly interesting is the incredible diversity among us, coming from different countries and backgrounds. 

As part of our ongoing efforts, we host the annual How Women Rise conference, featuring esteemed external speakers who share insights into their expertise, life experiences, and careers. This event has piqued the interest of many employees across East Asia, both women and men alike.  

Providing support to unleash potential

Aside from the annual event, we also arrange many fun yet insightful activities including networking events and training to help women build their skills and reach their goals. We want to ensure that all women in Schneider Electric East Asia receive the mentoring and support they require to unleash their full potential and thrive in their careers through these initiatives.  

Beyond the annual event, we also curate a range of engaging activities, from fun and insightful networking events to skill-building workshops. Our goal is to equip women at Schneider Electric East Asia with the tools and support they need to thrive in their careers and be their best selves.  

Since its launch, we’ve had approximately 120 employees participating in our regular conferences. Over 100 mentees have enrolled in the mentorship program! There’s even more to look forward to in future sessions. Our mentors consist of women leaders from various countries. They provide mentees with exposure to diverse cultures & help them establish robust international networks. Furthermore, these communities have empowered our female employees to acquire new skills and knowledge. Broadening their horizons and build valuable connections with both their peers and senior leaders.  

Our WISE and HWR programs reflect Schneider Electric’s unwavering commitment to champion gender equality and empowering women in the workplace. As employees, we take immense pride in being part of a company that actively promotes these initiatives. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued growth and impact of these grassroot programs. Particularly in the dynamic landscape of East Asia. As they continue to drive positive changes and foster a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all.

Are you interested in career at Schneider Electric? Check out our website for more information and for available positions to take your career journey to the next level. www.se.com/careers

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Primadini, Country Logistic Transformation Leader

Primadini has been working in Schneider Electric Indonesia for 16 years. She joined the company in 2007 as the Customer Experience Development, kickstarting her journey with passion and determination. During her tenure in Schneider Electric Indonesia, Primadini has taken on diverse roles, showcasing her versatility and leadership skills. At the beginning of 2023, she was appointed as the lead on Women in Schneider Electric (WISE) in Indonesia. Through WISE, she wants to foster an environment where female employees can learn, support one another, and collectively achieve success. By promoting collaboration and empowerment, she aims to inspire other women to reach their full potential and make remarkable contributions to the company’s growth.

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