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I have always been the kind of person who sees the glass half full, positively approaching life by travelling, spending time with my family, engaging in sports and enjoying each day. I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to grow my career and as a person, and learn every day.

My international career at Schneider spans a remarkable nine years

My journey began in 2014 and it was quite an odd start. Anticipating a meeting with my previous HR team to finalize paperwork before embarking on my new endeavor at Schneider, a delay caused me to arrive four hours late on my first day! At that moment, I thought that this initial mishap might also become my ultimate farewell, but it turned out to be a highlight of the friendly internal culture and camaraderie among colleagues.

Throughout my career with Schneider, I have been able to relocate multiple times and visit many interesting places like Kyiv, Moscow, Grenoble, Regensburg, London, Paris, Almaty, Warsaw and now Madrid, where I enjoy the sunny weather, an abundance of outdoor activities and cultural events. Moving abroad is always difficult because you need to adapt, reshape yourself and possibly even learn a new language. However, I always face this as a challenge because I find it exciting, and I truly enjoy every step of the process.

A window to endless growth opportunities

I believe it’s important to finish your day by being sure you learned something new. While every experience is a learning opportunity, my advice is to get to know the people around you. Within individuals lie captivating experiences, and new skill sets to be shared.

When Schneider’s Open Talent Platform (OTM) was launched I saw it as an opportunity to keep growing and upskill. I’ve always felt this energy pushing me forward and inspiring me to never give up on my goals. I have never felt unhappy with my choices or positions in the company, but I always had this feeling of wanting to go further and see what else I could do outside of my role.

What is OTM?

In March 2020, Schneider Electric launched its Open Talent Market, a one-stop shop for career development by creating an internal talent market leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match the supply and demand of talent throughout Schneider Electric.

By uploading a profile to the Open Talent Market (or connecting it to their LinkedIn), employees get the following AI-suggested development and career opportunities based on their skills, competencies, and future ambitions such as full-time roles, part-time projects, mentoring, and learning suggestions.

Learn from each other

Schneider Electric has lately been expanding the horizons of opportunity for its employees. A few years ago, there were no platforms like OTM, and you had to invest a lot of time looking for opportunities.

Nowadays, we have great tools to develop skills. Not only to look for a job but to be involved in projects outside of your day-to-day role and team.

Here is my advice is to you. Remember to not confuse your career with the process of changing positions that are written on your business card. If you would like to develop your public speaking skills for example, look for mentors that will help you achieve your goal. And as I mentioned before, we can all learn from each other.

Build your personal brand with the people around you

Don’t be afraid to connect with different people around you, to shine and express yourself. You can grow as much in a coaching session as in a conversation over a coffee with a mentor. Take advantage of projects, coaching, mentoring, and most importantly, to build yourself!

To conclude, I would like to share some advice with you, the reader. Surround yourself with the right people and get yourself a good mentor. This is the key to a successful career. You will learn a lot from being around professionals in your business. More opportunities will open before you than ever before!

Come work with us!

Are you interested in a career at Schneider Electric? Check out our careers website for more information and for available positions. Take your career journey to the next level!

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Oleksandr Ivanov, Modernization Commercial Leader

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