UK&I Volunteering Day: Making a Difference Rain or Shine

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As an Impact Company, we recognise the role we must play in supporting our local communities to make sustainability a reality for all.

Friday 14th July marked our first UK&I Volunteering Day, which enabled us to collectively give back to our local communities via Schneider Electric led volunteering initiatives – Today, we’re excited to share our updates with you!

In Maynooth – Litter picking in the Town Centre

Despite the rain pouring down, our group of Schneider Electric volunteers gathered in Maynooth with a shared goal – to make their town a cleaner and greener place.

Equipped with gloves, litter pickers, and (of course!) raincoats and umbrellas, they walked through the wet streets, picking up litter that had accumulated over time. Their efforts not only enhanced the town’s aesthetic appeal but also sent a powerful message about the importance of keeping our communities clean and protecting the environment.

In Bagillt/Flint – Litter picking along Wales Coastal path

Undeterred by the weather, our Schneider Electric team in Bagillt and Flint headed to the picturesque Wales Coastal path.

Alongside the crashing waves, they collected litter that had washed ashore and been left behind. Our volunteers’ dedication was evident as they sorted through the debris, ensuring that items were prepared for proper disposal. Our team are proud to be fostering a sense of community responsibility for preserving the natural beauty of the coastline.

In Hatfield – Community gardening

The rain-soaked soil didn’t dampen the spirits of our Hatfield volunteer team as they embarked on a mission to transform a neglected green space into a flourishing community garden. Armed with shovels and spades, they cultivated the land with care and enthusiasm. Our volunteers envisioned a vibrant space where locals could connect with nature. By embracing the rain and getting their hands (quite literally) dirty, the Schneider Electric team in Hatfield created a legacy of sustainability and unity.

In Telford – Blists Hill arboretum clean up and storage area declutter

In Telford, the Schneider Electric team took on the task of reviving Blists Hill arboretum. Despite the rainy weather, they worked tirelessly to clean up the area and declutter the storage facilities. Their efforts not only beautified the arboretum but also ensured it remains a place of tranquillity and natural beauty for visitors to enjoy.

In Scarborough – Beach clean-up & RSPCA collaboration

In Scarborough, our volunteers donned their raincoats and wellies to take part in a beach clean-up. Amidst the rain and wind, they combed the shoreline, collecting debris and harmful materials, preventing them from entering the ocean. Additionally, they collaborated with the RSPCA to protect local wildlife and create a safer environment for coastal animals.

In Coventry – Courtyard gardening

The courtyard at Coventry’s community centre needed some TLC, and that’s exactly what it received on our Schneider Electric UK&I Volunteering Day. Despite the ever-persistent drizzle, our volunteers rolled up their sleeves and worked to beautify the space. Our team proved that a little rain couldn’t dampen the joy that the volunteering brings.

In Leeds – Middleton Park gardening and litter picking

In Leeds, a team of Schneider Electric volunteers gathered at Middleton Park. They were determined to make a positive impact on both the park’s flora and fauna. With gardening tools in hand, they pruned shrubs and weeded flowerbeds. Despite the muddy conditions, our volunteers loved rejuvenating the park’s natural beauty.

Additionally, they conducted litter picking around the park, ensuring that future visitors will enjoy a cleaner and greener environment.

In London – Gardening and painting at Kelsey Park in Bromley

The London-based Schneider Electric team braved the rain in Bromley’s Kelsey Park to undertake a dual mission of gardening and painting. With creativity and flair, they added splashes of colour to park fences and children’s play areas, transforming the atmosphere of the park. Simultaneously, they tended to the park’s flowerbeds, bringing life and vibrancy to every corner. Despite being wet from head to toe, our volunteers left Kelsey Park proud, knowing they had contributed to a beloved local recreational spot.

In Warrington – Beach clean-up and litter picking

Warrington’s coastline received some much-needed attention from the Schneider Electric team. Braving the rain and chilly winds, our volunteers conducted a thorough beach clean-up. They removed litter and plastics that could harm marine life. Their commitment to preserving the coastal ecosystem highlighted the importance of safeguarding our natural treasures for future generations.

In Galway – Merlin Woods Litter Pick

Our Galway team united for a meaningful day litter picking at Merlin Woods. Luckily the sun was out! The team dedicated their afternoon to clearing a significant amount of litter. From the woodlands, pathways (including a trampoline!) and the historic grounds of the Merlin Woods castle. The weather embraced their efforts, contributing to a delightful outdoor experience. Post-clean-up, the gathering continued over tea, cake, and conversations, igniting even more positive vibes among the group.

The Power of Collective Impact

Despite the rain and weather conditions, Schneider Electric’s UK&I Volunteering Day showcased the remarkable power of collective impact. Employees from across the UK and Ireland united with a shared purpose: to give back to their communities and make a positive difference in the world.

At Schneider Electric we believe that together, we have the power to create a more compassionate, sustainable, and thriving world. Join our movement today and be a part of the positive change we wish to see in the world.

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